1998 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.2 from North America


The A/C Does not work and never has, the check engine lights always come on for no reason I think it might be condensation in the gas tank, it always runs past the middle of the temperature gauge warmer than any car I owned, the rear speakers never work once in a while you can hear them, but its quiet and distorted, and it over heated 2 months after I got it... never noticed until it was too late and the water went all through my engine and I needed to pay 3,000 to get a new engine put in all because the temperature gauge never works... and there is always a knocking in the back... even after I replaced all brakes and shoes I need to get it aligned all the time and well enough said it's a piece of junk!!!

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Review Date: 17th December, 2006

1998 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4L Twin cam from North America


Econo-box sports car


Starter went at 180000kms.

Alignment needs to be done quite a bit.

Plugs and wires NEEDED to be done at 170000kms.

Engine went bad at 175000kms- replaced it.

Transmission makes a big jump when getting in second gear.

Drivers seat is very very hurtful on my back.

General Comments:

This car is pretty much an econo-box sports car. The car handles poorly when it has cheap tires on it... It has 16" rims, but after I put Michelin Hydroedge tires on it, it seems to enjoy being thrown around turns very nicely.

Comfort isn't really there at all. I'm 5ft7", and either the steering wheel is too low, or in my line of sight. Also, when the sun visor is flipped down, it occasionally hits the rearview mirror. The back seat is/was very comfortable until I hit a speed bump at 80km/h... then the bottom cover came off.

The performance was okay prior to changing the plugs and putting in Bosch Platinum 4 plugs... they do make a noticable difference. Also, I've thrown in an aftermarket air intake... which makes an incredible difference.

The ABS light and emergency brake lights are always on in my car... yet they both work perfect. Also, the fuel gauge is completely and utterly wrong in my car. I geuss that 1999 Grand-Am's have the same problem. But that is inconvenient.

For the price, it does have good performance... not comfy at all, and it is relatively cheap to maintain... a new engine is cheap too. Although there wasn't much of a difference between the old engine and the new one.

Also, since this car is a 2-door, you'd expect that the drivers seat would move forward... but it only moves like 3 inches forward... which doesn't help a university student trying to move.

But yes, if you don't have a family, and don't lug around many people, this car is good to go from point A to point B fast... otherwise, you're better off to buy a basic Sunfire or Cavalier.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2006

27th Dec 2007, 21:45

How do you change the plug wires on a car that doesn't even have them?

13th May 2009, 09:03

Huh? Who told you a 98 Sunfire doesn't have spark plug wires? Perhaps you'd like to tell me how the current gets from the coil to the spark plugs w/o wires? Wifi?

12th Jan 2010, 08:39

I have owned my Sundire GT 1998 for 4 years now, bought used. My main concern and problem and still a problem as I write are the head lamps. I've spent close to $1,000 on them since I bought it, now I'm ready to junk it as I cannot spend anymore on a problem that never seems to go away. Been caught with no head lights at night, they work and then they don't, have to drive with high beams at times, now they don't even work, no day lights, already had the entire switch replaced. Anyone else have this same issue?

19th Aug 2010, 21:28

Replace your wire harness, or bridge the wires from one of the headlights to the other for a quick fix.