1st Jul 2003, 21:21

I had a 1998 Sunfire GT. I traded with 1997 Acura 1.6EL after the GT's transmission broke down. It needed a total transmission overhaul. It costs me $3,000CAD. When the transmission was repaired, an hour later (same day), it broke down again. At that moment, I hurried up to the closest car dealership and traded my GT. Transmission was not the only problem. There were numerous problems too such as wheel bearing and bumpy rides.

3rd Sep 2003, 08:08

I own a 97 Pontiac Sunfire. Within less than a year of owning it the ABS light periodically came on. I took it to the dealer and they said nothing was wrong. My brother is a mechanic and he said it was a faulty brake module. The dealer replaced it after I rear-ended someone. They would not have done it without assertive action on my part.

I also get the Check Engine light. I initially looked at the basics and could not see anything. My brother could not see anything either.

My current situation involves the Check Gauges indicator. The coolant level is fine. The engine temperature gauge goes from the proper level to the peak within two seconds and then goes back to normal.

I agree with the comment about the electronics on the car being much to be desired. Thank You.

26th Jul 2004, 12:36

We have also had numerous problems with our 98 Sunfire GT. We haven't had any problems with the ABS brakes, but almost everything else has gone wrong with that car (too numerous to list, including serious transmission problems TWICE). We have the same engine light issue when it rains or is humid, as some of you mentioned. We have taken the car in several times, but, of course, the engine light turns off by the time we get to the mechanics so they can't find anything wrong with it. When the engine light comes on, our car does a weird jerking motion, and, most recently, completely loses power (this currently happened in an intersection - NOT FUN). We would NEVER purchase another Sunfire. We have put thousands of dollars into repairs and we find it a completely unreliable car!

20th Jul 2005, 23:17

We have a 98 Sunfire and randomly (more often on wet pavement, but it can happen on dry pavement) we have experienced complete brake failure. On average this happens once or twice a week. Fortunately it happens most often at slow speeds such as a parking lot.

I have seen where others have had similar problems with Sunfires, but I haven't seen any solutions offered. The ABS warning light is sometimes off, sometimes on. But the brake failure can happen regardless of the light. This lasts a few seconds. But if those few seconds happen when you are trying to miss a car stopped in front of you, that is a bit unnerving.



St Charles, MO.

8th Aug 2005, 08:51

I traded in my '91 Nissan Pathfinder for a '98 Sunfire. Only problems I have had is the computer itself. Hitting the power-locks.. nothing happens, opening the door after using the key to unlock it and no dome light. Placing the key in the ignition and attempting to turn it over only to have the entire dash board light up like a Christmas tree, dome light flickering, radio flickering, and a weird clicking sound from the engine. Keep in mind I've only had this car about 9 months. I work nights.. and using my blinker while making turns is fun. When my blinker is on my headlamps are off and when my blinker is off my headlamps are on. In other words, all my lights and electrical flashes on and off opposite of my blinker. Also, when starting the car, the rpm shoots up to 9000 then back to 1500 or so. Then the car stalls, but acts more like I shut the key off. Restarting the car then takes about 5 minutes of cranking and cranking before it finally turns over.

28th Dec 2005, 03:19

Sounds like the compressor clutch, it will eventually get worse too, and can lock up... A new or rebuilt compressor will get rid of the noise most likely.

17th Nov 2006, 10:55

Well, like the rest of you I own a 98 Sunfire Gt. I am not pleased with it at all...

First off I bought this car last August. I thought I got a good deal, the old lady that I bought it from had already done some major work to it (head gasket, coolant system replacement2400$) only 130Kms. Two months in I needed and alternator, no biggie, replaced it. Spring came starting became difficult, replaced the starter, the fuel filter, fuel filler hose, changed plugs. On top of those things I needed struts, power window motor and two wheel bearings just to list a few.I replaced them. The car remained hard to start (cranking for 1 minute).I took it to GM dealer in my area, the check engine light was not on so they could not tell what the problem was. Fuel pressure was good, injectors sound good. Sometimes the car gets hot and acts up, but cranking the heat full blast helps.

My check engine light is NOT on. My ABS and brake light come on and off every other day.

My WORST problem is the car often loses power when I'm driving. Then I have to try to pull over and restart it. During this time the fuel pump can be heard making whirrs and surges. PLEASE if anyone has found a solution let me know. I need help.

This car is becoming a danger to me and everyone around it. I would hate to have and accident because my car cannot seem to recognize that I am administering fuel via the pedal. This seems like a GM problem and something needs to be done about it before people get hurt.

I do my part by taking my car in for regular maintenance, but this is getting ridiculous. I regret all the money in repairs that I have put into this heap.

I am stuck with it so if anyone has any ideas on the solution your help would be greatly appreciated.

Nova Scotia.

21st Nov 2006, 08:04

I am the owner of a 98 Sunfire that I bought used 2 years ago when it already had 156,000km on it and had previously been a rental car.

My ABS and ECM lights have been on since I bought the car. Apparently there is nothing wrong with them, but it was too expensive for the dealership to replace the module.

My check engine light has been on for over a year. It's an emission problem (emission purge cylanoid) needs to be replaced. It sometimes goes off if I put the premium grade gas in... it runs great and even passed emissions test (mandatory in Ontario) with the light on.. go figure.

I've had to replace one wheel bearing and I am on my way in this week to replace the drivers side.

I had the battery replaced last year and since then one of my headlights is considerably dimmer than the other. I replaced the bulb... same problem. Apparently it is something to do with a cable that runs under the battery tray. Anyone else have this problem?

My car now has 250,000km on it and has always started up like a champ... even in -20 degree weather. She has never left me stranded and overall I am happy with the car... even with all her quirks.