5th Jan 2011, 19:28

I have a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.2lt. It has 156,645 miles.

My Sunfire has been nothing but reliable. I have only replaced two parts, other than plugs, wires and brakes. Within its 13 years and 156,645 miles, the two parts that were replaced were a water pump around 120,000 miles, due to it slightly leaking; I was only charged 159.00 for the repair, and I have replaced an idler pulley assembly, due to a pulley breaking, and that was around 152,000 miles, and the repair was about $230 bucks.

At 110,000 miles, I upgraded two parts on my Pontiac Sunfire. I upgraded my exhaust system to an 80s series Flowmaster exhaust system, and I have done an upgrade to the air intake system with AEMs cold air intake system, which gave my Sunfire more HP and cooler running temps, and I have added led glow underbody and interior lighting, and all these upgrades were not necessary; it was things I did to make Sunfire unique, that's why I'm not listing these as a repair, because nothing was wrong with the original equipment; these were performance upgrades only.

To get back on topic the 98 Sunfire SE 2.2lt is a very reliable and well built vehicle. And I might add very sporty looking, and with regular oil changes (every 3,000 miles) the 98 Sunfire 2.2lt engine is known to easily get around 250,000 miles without major problems or major repairs, so to put it simply, General Motors, the owner of Pontiac designed and built the 2.2lt 98 Sunfire very well!!! The 98 Sunfire's mechanics and body are very well built, and my Sunfire is one of the most reliable and trouble free vehicles I have owned!!!

I highly recommend the 98 Sunfire with the 2.2lt engine, and to add, my service engine light has never came on ever! And yes it works, that's just another thing that proves to me the 98 Sunfire is a well built, trouble free, long lasting vehicle!!

4th Mar 2011, 13:26

I have a 1998 Sunfire, and I bought it to replace the last one I had. The problem is the check engine light just came on. My last one did this, and it was just the fuel cap not quite on properly. I checked all fluids, and the gas cap. It is still on, third day. I don't have money to spend on it right now, just wondering if anyone has ideas?

Oh, my last one didn't have the "very slow" power windows like this one. I thought I was moving up; my old one had crank windows... Please advise.


4th Mar 2011, 18:52

Pattie: go to a auto parts store (Advance, O'Reilley's or Auto Zone) and let them read the OBDII codes for you. They do that for free. You can google for the codes to get an idea what's wrong. Don't assume that the sensors are bad even if the store clerk tells you so. The causes for some codes are really cheap to fix (cleaning the MAF sensor, replacing vacuum lines etc). Replacing the sensors on a whim is more like "killing the messenger" rather than fixing the cause.

While you are at the store, ask them for a lubricant to put on the window surrounds. That will likely speed up your windows.

7th Mar 2011, 20:28

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I live in Canada (didn't recognize the auto parts shops), so I just called my local auto parts shop. Auto parts shops don't actually check the codes here, but he lead me on the right path.

Also, I will try the lubricant on my windows.

Next I have to ask how to fix my door, because it sags. I did find one video about replacing the bottom hinge. Isn't there just some kind of washer that I could just jack my door up and slip in? Like a spacer? I probably want too much from this site, but I am so excited to wait my 48 hours and see if anyone answered me!

Thank-you CARSURVEY.org Pattie.

8th Mar 2011, 12:23

Pattie: You probably have to replace the hinge or at least the hinge pin. Go to an independent body shop and ask for an estimate. They might be able to find a hinge pin of another car that is thicker than the original, to fix the sagging door.

Good luck!

30th May 2011, 23:08

Stupid cute little Sunfire... damn thing has a sensor problem... Canadian Tire turned off the light... took it to real mechanic. I will tell you later.

26th Jun 2012, 12:14

I have a 97 Sunfire GT, & there is a problem with the cable/connectors for the speed sensors "Hall Effect" sensors on the front. They have a pinch spot that usually makes a bad connection that also effects the traction control. For the most part, this is an intermittent problem that usually comes & goes. Have someone wiggle the wires in the front while the key is in the on position, & you can probably find the bad connection yourself...

5th Aug 2012, 22:56

I agree. I have a 98 GT 5 speed. Never have problems starting it. Never have problems with anything, and the brakes barely wear, because I just gear down. But difference between mine and most of the GTs listed, is mine's a 5 speed and no power anything (windows etc.), so maybe that's the big problem, is that it was never made for the power harness to handle so many electrics.