29th Dec 2006, 20:20

I would sure like to know where some of the answers to these problems are on this site. The next thing I would add as a partial solution is that all these people driving a 96 and up go buy a code reader at an auto store, you don't even have to get out of the car, just plug it in below the steering wheel. (It comes with instructions}. The cost is about $65.00 and up depending on the level of sofistication. It will tell you before or after you buy if there are any detectable problems in the car's built-in computer.

2nd Jan 2007, 14:20

I purchased a 1995 Sunfire standard model with 2.2L engine, new in 1995. The first 25K or so were pretty good with only minor problems. Since then, and without warranty, it has been a sinkhole. The present mileage is only just over 75K, so you can see it has not been driven much, however it is mostly town/city driving. The brakes already had to be redone about 30K, followed by the head gasket thing (blew right out) at about 35K. Then the starter shortly after that, and the torque converter along with a gasoline leak (filler neck). There was also the valve cover gaskets and some other things in there from 40K to 50K. Along about 65K the vehicle got T-Boned by a stop sign runner at an intersection, so there are some things that probably could be attributed to that, so I won't mention those. Now at 75K the head gasket is leaking again and the estimate is between $1100-1500 CDN. I know, I should have traded it back at 30K, but that's hindsight. I believe 1995 was the first year, so that was probably stupid to buy one.

6th Jan 2007, 09:37

I own a 98 Sunfire GT. I bought it when it had 60000km on it. Right off the bat it needed a 1500 dollar part replaced I believe it had to do with the ABS. I have and always keep it up on changing fluids when they need to be. I've had to have the water pump changed. 1000.00 dollars. Something when wrong with the transmission which would have cost over a 1000.00 dollars, but someone helped out so it didn't cost anything. My passenger power window will take up to an hour to go back up if you bring it all the way down. Had to change my ignition switch thank god I had coverage or it would have cost me 400.00 dollars. Before I knew it it went again on me in 7 months so it got replaced for free again. Motor in sunroof went had to have replaced. And to the people who's car stall for no reason when driving I would like to know what causes that too. I get my gas filter change every year I do what needs to be done to this car to make it last. I also have rusting of the door hinges. I don't find it to be good for long distance rides. I love my sunfire, but it has been an expensive car. My ABS lights on and I live in Ontario and ABS are not working. So if GM could please realized that they have some defects in their vehicle that can be fatal and listen to us customers who as I for one have always and will always be a GM CHIC. No other vehicle is better. Let's get answer for our problems. I do go to my mechanic and report when things are wrong.

20th Feb 2007, 17:40

I currently have a 97 Sunfire GT and after 285,000km I have been looking to replace her.

It was my wife's surveillance car for 5 years (she is a P.I.) so the thing has hundreds (if not thousands) of extra running hours on it that are not reflected in the mileage because of sitting and idling. And besides the usual brakes, tires and one alternator this car has NEVER failed to start and get us to wherever we are going.

The A/C quit working 2 years ago after a rock punched a small hole in the condenser and the freon leaked out (hardly poor craftsmanship)

I did have to have to have some work done on the front end suspension after the car was forced to jump the center median to avoid a collision. (again not the fault of GM)

The only thing that ever went wrong with this car was the turn signal/cruise control arm/switch and it was several hundred bucks to fix.

Why am I writing about a 97 Sunfire when this is about the 98 Sunfire you might ask?

The car I am replacing my 97 Sunfire GT with is... a 98 Sunfire GT that has half the mileage that mine does. And if this one is only 1/2 as good as my 98 I think I will still be getting a bargain of a car.


Ontario Canada.

9th Apr 2007, 18:13

Currently I seem to have a transmission problem. The car -- a '98 Sunfire -- seems to want to stop at intersections, and also seems to have problems when you step on the gas. I replaced the transmission fluid, and now the mechanic says I should replace the sensor. What to do?

27th May 2007, 10:55

I love my Sunfire! I bought it in 2001, was a 1999 used car.

I haven't had to do anything to it, just worn out brakes!

I love it, when my daughter drives, I will be getting her one too!

Best thing I ever bought!!


Ontario, Canada.

31st May 2007, 01:15

I have a 1998 Sunfire GT with a 5 speed. I put a Centerforce stage 2 clutch in and a cold air intake. I did a zero to 60 on 7 seconds flat. No problems, and I have 210,000 kms on it. I even dragged the brand new civic Si with a standard trans. I just beat him, but not bad for a car almost 10 years old.

19th Aug 2007, 22:42

98 GT - Great car, no major problems for me yet, only driver and passenger front wheel bearings, 100 bucks each, did myself.

The car has always been taken care of and 91 gas since day one. Have had warning lights come on and every time was for a good reason (gas cap, low oil, low coolant... etc.)

Would buy again in a heartbeat!

7th Nov 2007, 11:41

I have a 2002 pontiac sunfire. My passenger window takes about a week to put it up. It goes maybe 1/4 millimeter every few hours. Literally takes weeks to put it up if someone puts it down. Now my drivers window sometimes quits if down all the way. You need to wait about 15 minutes to put it up. It's freezing in the am and I can't stand this. What do I need to replace?

4th Feb 2008, 20:16

I have a 1998 Sunfire GT I just threw a rod through the block. It cost me a abundance amount of money to get it replaced. Since I bought the car a 1 1/2 yrs ago my security light has been on and my horn doesn't work?!? Also my engine mounts are starting to knock now pretty hard when I put it in to gear.: (I can't afford any more repairs paid $3000 for it and just put another $2800 into the new engine. I have too much money into this piece of crap. I will never buy another Pontiac Sunfire in my life.