16th Jan 2007, 14:52

Double your fun (continued)

I was right; the wiring harness was at fault once again. Three wires were broken within the harness, one just inches back from a previous repair. The mechanic at a Guelph Ontario Canada dealership confirmed what I suspected, indicating he has made "40 or more similar repairs" in the last year, and scoffed at GM's refusal to believe there is a flaw here, and issue a recall. Of course, it's all about money; don't they realize the damage they are doing to their reputation, and to future GM sales? Of course, I will be in contact with GM about this recurring problem. I am one tenacious sob, for sure.

I am trying a solution of my own. The wires in the harness are ridiculously thin, and break down easily. I suspect vigorous flexing of the wires may cause their failure. Today, I tried to immobilize them where they hang attached to the front frame, under the black plastic cover under the hood. I strapped them to the frame with plastic zips, and ran several beads of silicone along the contact points between the harness and the frame. I also immobilized the connector to the relay (I think) just right of centre as you look down from the front of the car. Time will tell whether I am on to something here or not.

Anybody done this before?

17th Jan 2007, 14:07

Just wondering if anyone out there had tried to fix their clutch for a 2000 sunfire and how much it would cost them. my first time getting mine fixed and I need a good average on my price. Ouch these things are too expensive.

1st Feb 2007, 21:04

I have a 2000 GT model and the problems that people are reporting about the headlights is due to a part inside the switch - pull back selector on the left side of the steering wheel. There's a small plastic piece that melts for whatever reason...I've rebuilt mine 3 times now and am going to buy a new switch lever assembly if it goes again. Maybe it's melting because there's too much current flowing through the low beams - my high beams are fine though.

Someone mentioned the fuel problems about the car randomly stalling/not starting... the fuel pump will go on these cars - or at least has on mine so I should only speak from personal experience on this one. I have been able to hit the gas tank and get it going again, but I know that this is only delaying the inevitable for this car... about $500 (CDN) in labour alone. I think I'll waste a weekend and save the $$.

8th Feb 2007, 06:06

I have a 2002 Sunfire with the same blower problems everyone else is having. Fan speed setting 1 stopped working once under warranty, was fixed, and recently stopped working again. I suggest a recall on this issue as well. Now I'm getting the service light with the picture of the wrench when nothing mechanically appears to be wrong. The car has 94k on it and the engine seems to be doing alright, but I'm worried that the electric problems I've had are just the beginning of the vehicle's demise.

28th Feb 2007, 15:39

Hello, I also own a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire. When I first bought the car.. brand new..started with 23 miles on it, within the first 6000 miles I had to have the engine replaced...yes, the entire engine was pulled and a new one put in. I also had to have a new transmission put in it at the same time. I had a claim with the Better Business Bureau and I did qualify for the "lemon law" but since a similar sunfire--same year and mileage could not be located, I settled for the bumper to bumper extended warranty---everything was covered until the car was paid for (5yrs). This was great at the time.. had the dealership come to my house, pick up the car, leave me a loaner and fix whatever needed fixed... such as spark plugs, spark plug wires (yeah--I was surprised too, since these are general maintenance issues) --but they did it! Maybe they just didn't want me to raise more trouble...

The car now has 140,000 miles on it and I think generally it has been a pretty good car.. after the new engine and transmission at 6000 miles... I really haven't had too many problems... or at least I didn't think so... But, of course we are having a problem.. as of last week, I have no driving lights, indicator on dash flickers constantly when car is in drive, and I have only one headlight on driver's side on high beam. I do have regular (Dim) headlights when I turn them on and all other lights in the car and all other indicator lights work fine. (Other than my radio backlight... that has been out for a couple of years). I also haven't had back speakers working in the car for years, and no fan on the 1 position. I just thought those were small issues on my car, didn't know so many people were having the same issues.

I will say, that although I didn't work on GM parts, I worked for an automotive electrical company which made multifunction (headlamp) switches in the Quality department for eight years. I have been told it is my switch, but from my past experience, I don't see how this is possible. The switch is not designed to have two different signals going to different headlamps, frankly, this technology would not be cost efficient. Therefore, if it were the switch, both of my high beams would be out, not just one.

I no longer work in automotive electronics, frankly it is a bad business, simply because of problems like we are all having with Pontiac!

My husband is a mechanic and he has tried the change the bulb, change the relay, test the fuses, test the wiring---which he did in the rain, and found the "pink wire" to be dead---I wasn't out there, cause it was raining, but I believe I will have him put in a new "pink wire"--I know what he is going to say, he is a mechanic, and I am a woman, what do I know about cars! If I'm wrong and it doesn't fix it.. more bragging rights for him--better than pulling the column to change out the switch and that not be the issue...right?

9 yr sunfire owner--in Illinois.

28th Feb 2007, 15:54

I am the very unproud owner of a 2002 Cavalier. I am also having the dreaded DRl problem as mentioned in many previous posts. After having the car repaired twice at my local GM dealer and being told by the technician that the wiring was literally rotting. I decided to leave a comment regarding my concern with the safety of this recurring problem. Then what do you know the next day they call me and reassure me that the problem will be looked into. A week goes by then I get another phone call where sorry your car has no warranty on it, but we can schedule a diagnosis session at your cost at your local GM dealer and then we will reassess your situation. In other words give us more money and we might help you "no Guaranty". lol

My next step is to report with transportation Canada as this is a serious issue. My wife was already stranded on the side of the highway at night cause the headlights failed. I urge everyone with this same problem to also report with transportation Canada.