4th Nov 2006, 16:06

The DRL problem isn't only common to the 2000+ Model years. I have a 97' Sunfire 2dr, that the DRL do not work, and the indicator light just blinks while the car is running. The driverside headlamp stays dim, and when the high beams are on, it gets even dimmer.

#1, 2, and 3 on my AC/Heater blower don't work either. So I guess you can say these cars were problematic from the beginning and GM never came up with a solution to improve them.

5th Nov 2006, 20:18

I purchased a 2001 Sunfire this summer, and recently a TC light has come on, it is yellow with a line through the letters, does anyone know what this means and how I can fix it?? Also, I have no sort of warning that my keys are still in the ignition, or the fact that my lights are still when the car is off, how come?? AND... my radio doesn't shut off even though the car is off and no one is in the car...WHY? If anybody has ANY suggestions and/or insight to my car problems, please help!!! Or email me at for_butterfly@hotmail.com

17th Nov 2006, 21:30

I bought a 2000 Sunfire and one year ago I shut the car off and come back and it would not start. It rolls over, but don’t start there is spark and the fuel pump comes on. I towed it to a friend and it started. Now the same problem has come back for the third time. Any ideas!

19th Nov 2006, 16:44

I own a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire and am on my 3rd electrical harness. The issue now is fog lights. They do not work and I have no idea how to get them to work. Also, sometimes, when I go to use the left turn light it does not work. You can replace the bulb and it will work again, but who knows for how long? Sometimes months, weeks or even down to days. If anyone can give advice on the fog lights, it would be greatly appreciated. We live in a state where the car must pass state inspection. If it does not pass and we don't know how to figure it out, we will be 'forced' to buy a new car. Of course not GM:) Thank to anyone that can help.

5th Dec 2006, 09:39

I am having the same problems with non-working daytime running lights and lack of headlights on our 2000 Pontiac Sunfire. If everyone on here would file a complaint about this with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (nhtsa.gov), then maybe GM would finally be forced into a recall situation.

5th Jan 2007, 22:41

I have a 98 sunfire and the low beams don't work, but I have high beams and running lights. I have changed the fuses and the headlights, but nothing. I heard it could be the switch or a modulator???

9th Jan 2007, 16:05

Hey There.

I am an owner of a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire. Lately I have been having problems starting my car. It happened for the 4th time this past Sunday. I called AAA and the tow truck driver decided to work on my car a bit before he hooked it up to the truck. Thank God he did. He asked me to put my car in drive and then he started to push my car back a forth a bit. He then asked me to put my car in park and try to start it. It started right up. I was impressed. He said there is probably a linkage problem that's stopping my car from going completely into park. It was also raining Sunday and the other three times my car wouldn't start. He said something electrical may be getting wet causing the linkage indicator to strip making the car think it's not completely in park. On one hand I'm glad the computer is aware there may be a problem, but on the other hand, every time it rains I'm nervous that my car won't start.

Anyway, afterwards I was driving home and noticed my odometer light was out. I have no idea what has happened there, but am doing some research on line to find out. I can guarantee that I will not be buying another Pontiac "anything" once I'm done with this car. I'm used to driving Hondas and Hondas it's going to be from now on.

Has anyone had any trouble with your odometer light going out? My shift console is out as well. Anyone have any idea what may be the problem? THANKS!

10th Jan 2007, 21:33

I own a 2000 Sun fire 2 door. I have 90,000Kms. I washed my car last week (not under my hood). Now when I use my left signal, my wipers go on and my headlights don't work, but my high beam light on my dash board stays on. I took it into an auto body and they changed all the bulbs, but they said that the module control box needed to be replaced and the wiring harnest. They are quoting me $1500. Isn't there a recall for this? I called my dealership and they said there isn't one. Can anyone give me any advice on what I should do. Please email me.


12th Jan 2007, 18:09

My 2001 Pontiac Sunfire has also recently had daytime running light problems. Both running lights don't work; both low beams work; one high beam works, but the other light shuts off completely when the high beams are on. I tried replacing the headlamp, which didn't fix the problem. I can't even get the DRL relay fuse out to check it. Honestly, I'm not a fan of daytime running lights, but having one headlamp turn off completely when using high beams is becoming a problem. I wish this were something I could fix myself instead of having to get my car serviced.

15th Jan 2007, 09:30

Double your pleasure, double your fun...

I have both a 2003 and a 2005 Sunfire 2 door, 5 speed. The 2003 has had 4 problems with the headlights; the first 3 were corrected under warranty (corroded wires in the front wiring harness), but this last time, both low beam headlamps and the DRLs have gone out, with a simultaneous display of the "Service" warning indicator. I suspect the wiring harness will be at fault, yet again.

I am going to the dealership, which has generally been very good, armed with the information this site has provided. I am also very mechanical myself, and have checked through the car for the obvious problems such as poor contacts, faulty relays, etc. I am going to suggest they look to the wiring harness first; I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the problem is a faulty ground.

We have also had the problems that many have had with the rear brake lamps and running lights going out. The problem is that the surface contact between the contact within the socket and the bulb itself is so ridiculously small, that electrical arcing is almost certain to occur. Arcing eats away at the surface contact between the two surfaces, and before long, there is insufficient contact between the bulb and the circuit. GM has issued a recall for this; they typically either clean up the contact (works for a while), or they replace the socket and bulb (works for a while). Addition of an electrical "gel" into the socket, to minimize arcing, also helps. However, what I did, works best; I increased the contact surface area between bulb and socket. Yes, indeed, soldering is a wonderful thing.

Still, the car is a lovely little fun vehicle to drive.