11th Nov 2006, 22:05

I recently bought a 2004 Pontiac Sunfire coupe. I have been extremely impressed with it. In the city, the engine keeps up with traffic, but the highway performance is just okay. The only problems I have had is the airbag light was stuck on, and one day the engine suddenly died at a stoplight. I started it back up and to this day I have not had the problem again. One complaint is the headlights aren't bright enough, does anybody else have this problem? Overall a great car and a nice engine.

23rd Sep 2007, 11:05

You must have a higher trim-line of the Sunfire then, because on the absolute base model there is no knob to turn and you only get lo, hi, and 1 delay speed. The top of the line Sunfire does have fully intermittent wipers.

However, it is not unreasonable to expect that on a 2005 car even the base model should have intermittent wipers. The base model Civic/Corrolla/Focus/Neon do.

28th Sep 2007, 11:00

I have an '03 Chevy Cavalier base model, which is a close mechanical sibling to the 03-05 Sunfire. The car is equipped with adjustable intermittent wipers. There's a plastic ring that rotates along the width of the control stick that will do this. I'm surprised to hear that the '05 Sunfire would not appear to carry this feature.

15th Jul 2011, 21:47

Good point about "But as with any car, be sure to keep it under 2500 rpm until the temperature needle is in the normal range if you want it to last long."

Keeping any vehicle in the lower half of the tachometer (less than half of the redline RPM) until the temperature gauge stops rising is a good tip for many reasons.

- Example - You'd be surprised how many vehicles get a bad rap for "blowing head gaskets", but when you subscribe to the above practice, you'll scrap the car well before the head gasket goes.

- Example - A cold engine's oil is quite thick. Thus, revving the engine causes the oil pressure to skyrocket, making the oil filter case swell and burst, leading to a complete loss of oil, and subsequent engine failure.