13th Sep 2008, 19:05

99 Sunfire GT. This is THE biggest pile of crap on 2 wheels that I have ever owned!!!

Bought it used from a dealer. AC doesn't work. Had to replace a seized strut bearing. Had to replace the motor for the drivers window. Here's a biggie-----> had to replace the engine (that's right the engine) with only around 74,000 klms on it. The #1 bearing went. That was good for a $3000 repair bill. (used engine installed) Back speakers doen't work. Sometimes the right rear one will work but only occasionaly.

Daylight running light's stopped working. I have low beams but only the left high beam works. Appently the wiring in these is a joke. Ahh let's see...

Oil light was coming on. Turned out to be a faulty pressure switch. The fan used to work on all settings but low. Now tonight it only works on high.

Temperature gauge reads quite high during summer months I don't trust the gauge. Basically I don't trust this car and wouldn't wish it on an enemy!!

My sister and best friend have the same car (year & model)

My sisters car is already in the bone yard and my buddy has had a lot of the same problems that I have had.

I want this thing gone!! GM are brutal. Their quality has gone down the crapper and I hope the whole company goes with it!!!

19th Sep 2008, 15:41

I have a 2000 Sunfire GT 2.4 twin cam. I bought it brand new. It had nothing gone wrong with it.

I put synthetic high performance Agip oil every 7000km, and super gas not regular, and the car has not given me any mechanical problems, I love my car.

Sometimes if we don't take care of the car and it could be any car, the car will give problems and that is normal.

30th Mar 2009, 15:28

I also own the 99 Sunfire, LOL.

Yes, great gas mileage. Same issues with cup holder, now to the other issues, rear defrost quit working, A/C every couple years somehow builds pressure and won't work unless vacuumed and refilled, anti-lock brake system quit working, gas gauge is erratic, ignitions module goes out often, and engine has a registering misfire often that can't be diagnosed.

Let's hope that's all for a while! LOL.

5th Aug 2009, 16:42

I own a 1999 Sunfire GT and I have been pretty happy with it. It has about 279000kms on it now, and it has been good and has not had many problems, but I check all fluids and what not on a regular basis. I have put over 100000kms on the car since I have owned it.

24th Sep 2010, 13:58

Got a '99 Sunfire with 200,000, and all I've ever replaced was normal drive parts. Runs like a top, uses no oil, I bet I take her to 300,000... I have put in 2 alternators (but I think that's because of my giant stereo system), 2x done both CV joints... That's about it.

7th Dec 2010, 12:06

I have a 99 SFGT as well, and have been fairly happy with it.

The rear defrost does not work, as has been said a few times, but it isn't a huge problem in the grand scheme of all that can go wrong with a car. The transmission hums when it is rolling which makes it feel like a wheel bearing going out, but that is normal with any J body car.

I bought my car with a piston punched through the block and did an engine swap, this happens when the oil is not changed regularly and the oil veins in the head clog, which can cause any number of engine failure, as your engine is not getting oil where it needs it. You can change the oil to make it look good, but it remains full of gunk. If you bought one used and blew a motor, it is because it was full of engine sludge caused by an irresponsible ex owner, NOT a fault in the motor itself.

The cup holder is down right stupid, but better than the ones in the Cavalier, in the console.

Wheel bearings and CV joints in these cars are weaker, but if you drive responsibly you shouldn't have a problem with them (mine are only starting to click at 140k miles and the ex owner beat the crap out of it).

The electrical Gremlins are really not that bad... if you have a high beam out, it is your bulb, not wiring. If your digital odometer fails for 2 minutes, what is the problem? Anyone with any money at all has pulled the faulty stock stereo and replaced it by now as well, and that's the only real electrical problem typical in these cars.

It all comes down to this - change the oil regularly, don't stand on it off corners, and be smart. If you don't know the service history of a car, and it has a GM DOHC motor, run the other way!

-Dave (pontiacdude210)