1994 Pontiac Trans Sport 3.8 V6 from North America


Most disappointed in the Tran Sport's extremely short viability. Won't ever buy a GM product again


Stopped running. Would start and run for less than a mile and shut down. Mechanic said problem had to do with EGR valve plus some other lower fluid engine leakage. Said the repair would be more $ than the vehicle was worth.

Was most disappointed.

Also, many body and trim parts broke off easily and prematurely.

For the mileage and the money I paid, I certainly expected to get more than 4000 troublefree miles from the vehicle. Unfortunately, the first problem was expensive enough for me to dump it.

Most disappointed in the Tran Sport's extremely short viability under such mild use. I expected much better performance and reliability. Ironically, at the time of purchase, I so very much wanted to buy an American vehicle after a string of very reliable Japanese cars. (Partly out of patriotism and perhaps the desire to truly believe that US cars are world class.) But, in my personal experience, I've learned that the Japanese cars are the best from a cost-benefit standpoint...

General Comments:

Configuration-wise, very versatile -- removable seats, etc. Pretty comfortable, very roomy and a smooth ride. Whilst it worked appropriately, it was great -- shifted smoothly and powerfully. The exterior looked great, thanks to those composite panels. Drove like a tank. Felt safe with my family inside it.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2006

31st Jan 2006, 15:30

OK dude if you drove the car less than 4000 miles that means you just bought it and someone sold you a busted van. GM wasn't great at that time, however their new product is quite good. You can't blame GM for purchasing a busted vehicle either, maybe the van was abused, you should make smarter purchases in the future.

1994 Pontiac Trans Sport LE 3.1 from North America


Could have been so much better


- 2 alternators (typical GM)

- Brakes (twice)

- Water pump

- Door handles inoperative

- Very annoying rattles

- ABS quit working, light stays on and sometimes when pressed the pedal goes all the way to the ground (scary)

- Tie rods

- Numerous leaks

- one of the modular seat won't stay latched in place

- tons of other (regular maintenance) issues like tires, battery and thermostat.

General Comments:

When I had to buy a used van, there seemed to be only one choice, Toyota and Honda was too expensive and Chrysler and Ford totally unreliable. Trans Sport was unique with the distinctive silhouette, polymer body, configurable seats and interesting dashboard.

Unfortunately soon after I bought it I started discovering that there was more to dislike than like about this vehicle. This thing is slooooow. The rattles throughout the van were so pronounced, they made any trip totally unenjoyable. Reliability has been sub-par to put it lightly and the fuel mileage marginal at best. There were way too many trips to the shop to fix things that normally don't wear out, like the door handles for example. The only door handle that hasn't broken was the side-door, and even that one along with hatch were showing signs of excessive wear.

After 10 years on the road, the van still looked like new though, gotta love polymer. However with the fuel costs on the rise and the overall reliability being questionable it was time to let this fragile van go. I traded it for a much smaller Saturn SC1, I love the gas-mileage now, I stayed with a polymer bodied vehicle, but now I miss the versatility of the van. I would buy another Pontiac, just not a Trans Sport.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2005

1994 Pontiac Trans Sport SE 3.8 from North America


Very practical vehicle for many uses


The transmission had to be changed at 155,000 kilometers.

Air condition is weak on hot days.

The rubber around the driver window is bubbling.

Irritating squeaks from rear seats vibrating.

General Comments:

This vehicle rides and handles very well to my expectations.

At first the long windshield and small front side windows take some getting use to.

It would be hard to go back to a car from a van. The higher seating allows an appealing view when driving.

Interior sound is acceptable. Nice stereo. Outside noise is reduced considerably.

Cargo space has not been an issue yet. Just pack it carefully and away we go.

The 3.8 has power to spare with an average economy for fuel consumption.

Love the key less entry.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2004