21st Mar 2010, 22:10

My horn just did the same thing... started blaring for no reason... car was sitting in the driveway off for 4 hours. I had to remove the fuse to stop it.

29th Apr 2010, 23:54

I don't know what you guys are talking about. I have a 2005 Wave and I use to use it for delivery work for three years, and was quite hard on the poor car, but I never had a problem with it. I get about 450KM per tank and I never plugged it in during the winter, even when it got as cold as -50 degrees, and it always started for me the first time. Perhaps you guys got lemons. All car manufacturers can make lemons.

I love my Wave; it has never let me down.

9th Jul 2010, 00:18

I agree. My Pontiac 07 has been nothing but amazing to me. I drive to school every day during the week, as well as drop off people in my car pool, and still have plenty of gas left over.

25th Jan 2011, 16:14

I don't mind my 07 Wave, but the airbag light is always on.. Had the computer replaced once already in the engine for the same problem. Otherwise, it has been very reliable.

28th Jan 2011, 08:32

I bought a 2007 Pontiac Wave in August 2007. At that time it was new.

I have had problems with the whole left side of the car. I have had to replace the headlight 5 times, just on the left side. I have had to replace the wheel bearings, on the left side, the strut on just the left side.

It is the worst car I have ever had. I would never buy a GM product again. The gas mileage is awful. It sucks the gas right out of it. It is over priced and worth no value.

I can't wait to have it paid off, so I can buy a real vehicle. I will not take it on any long trips, in case it breaks down. I don't trust the car at all. GM should be embarrassed to sell these cars.

7th Mar 2011, 13:23

So far the car has been okay. Decent gas mileage and extremely nice to drive. I always trust GM, seeing as how my dad's 93 Chevy Cheyenne still has the original radiator, and purrs like a dream. Chevy is the way to go. Oh, and the truck has driven across the country.

14th Jun 2011, 19:49

I bought a used 2007 Wave SE in fall 2010, it had 17000kms approximately.

I did some reading and reviews were not entirely unfavorable and the price was good for a loaded with options small car that was supposed to get good mileage.

I know people with older model Chevy Aveos or Suzuki Swifts and they get fantastic mileage.

I got 14l/100km in the city and 10l/100km on the highway.

I had the dealer tell me that nothing comes up on the diagnostic so nothing is wrong with the car.

Needless to say I put as few kms on the car as possible and traded as quick as I could.

27th Jun 2011, 00:29

I have a 2007 Wave that I bought red flagged. Yes it was in a accident with 5793km on it. I average about 460km per tank.

I am just getting to the 120,000km and so far I have found the aftermarket suspension is not for this car and I am finally getting into some problems. I think that it is PCV valve but not sure. The car is hesitating at low RPMs.

I am on the third set of rear shocks and just replaced the front recently. I give her a tune-up every 30,000km or so and the only thing that I have replaced besides that is the intake pipe.

I can still push this car to get over 500kms to a tank if I tried. So I must be doing something right.

10th Feb 2013, 19:38

I have a 2007 Pontiac Wave hatchback.

I also had the horn issue. I noticed the common factor was rain. It would go off anytime there was a hard rain. It happened driving down the highway in the rain, it would happen in the middle of the night if it was raining hard, etc. I had to take it in 4 times before they finally put the hose on it to find where the short was.

Right now, it has an issue that the RPMs will rev higher then they should, and the car feel like it wants to stall constantly. The check engine light is on, and the dealership told me it was the battery.

30th Nov 2014, 23:04

I have the same problems with my Pontiac Wave 2007 4 door sunroof.

200km to 300km max for a full tank. GM said to me it maybe the air conditioner, maybe the heater etc etc. Finally GM asking me to write down every refill.

The airbag light is on all the time.

Many changes and repairs. The last repair cost me more than $1200. At the end I was only keeping the car because I had done just only 30,000 km in total. Now 44,000 km later I have an engine light on with codes P2110, P2106 and P161b.

It is almost new, but I don't know if I should repair it or sell it as scrap...

p.s.: I will never buy another GM car.

31st Mar 2015, 01:24

I bought this 2007 Wave fully knowing the headaches people are having. I basically wanted a challenge to see if I could get even close to 500 per tank. The previous owner stated the car needed work and the mileage was poor.

First thing I did was change out a front end bearing and a bad ball joint, going over all the brakes, making sure nothing was dragging.

After an alignment I started to track mileage.

First tank was the worst - 210 km for 41 liters.

After new plugs and wires, and a new thermostat, nothing changed - 230km/42 liters.

Looking for other issues i.e. vacuum leaks, intake leaks, I discovered a split snorkel causing mass air readings to be out to lunch.

After running the car so long with leaking snorkel, I decided to change out the snorkel, O2 sensors and air filter just to be on the safe side of things.

Well bingo! I doubled the mileage 410km/39 liters. The next tank was even better as the computer was fixing itself 470km/41 liters.

So in my opinion the car will never reach 46 miles per gallon, but at best you should see 500 km per tank. I know I took things to extreme to get to the bottom of this mess, but I really wanted to know how such a small car could drink so heavily. Given that my entire fixup happened during the winter months, I may even be headed for a surprise in the summer months.

Not the best car for saving on fuel, but overall not a bad driver.

Looking forward to hitting 200 000 with it.

Thanks for reading.

23rd Apr 2015, 21:51

We bought a 2007 Pontiac Wave for $2700.00 as is. It went though the safety and E Test without any problems. But after taking a trip out of town, we noticed there was a bearing in the transmission howling. So we went to a local salvage yard and bought another used tranny with 75000km on it. Same issue after spending almost $800.00 in labor plus the tranny. We are ordering another transmission and pray that the situation fixes itself. I'm a GM person and I'm very disappointed that the transmission parts are not available in Canada. I used to drive the Fireflies and thought that this car would be just as reliable and good on fuel as the older versions.

From Chatham Ontario. Not happy the labour costs here are crazy.