9th Feb 2007, 13:28

Did your dealer offer any reason as to why it happened? Any news of a recall?

11th Apr 2007, 13:27

I have had my wave for 15 months. It has had the computer fixed twice and just replaced a badly worn wheel bearing. Have also been advised to have cam belt checked at 50,000km as they tend to break early. The kind dealer will do this service for 250.00 dollars. Not thrilled.

24th Sep 2007, 20:04

I had the same problem with my Wave. In December, less than 1 month after we got the wave it started acting up. After having the computer hooked up to it they reprogrammed the computer. In February it started again and they replaced the throttle body. In June it started again, this ruined the cold theory. This time they have replaced the thermal insulator. So far no problems, but it is about to get cold again...

14th Oct 2007, 13:34

I bought a 2007 base 5dr with A/C as my only option. So far I really like this car, mined you I only have 5,000. kilometers on it. I think for spending 14k it was a good buy. The only thing that I am not pleased about, is the gas consumption. I commute about 100klm's each way daily, all highway. I cruise at 120klm's per hour and it revs about 3,250. (RPM). I think the gas consumption would be much better if I was going 100klm's per hour. But who likes to drive that slow especially on a multiple lane highway.

I have read lots of reviews on this car and not all were great. When I bought it, I decided to get the extended warranty, 140,000. bumper to bumper. It came with 160,000. power-train warranty.

I also took advantage of the zero % financing. Honda, Toyota and Nissan hardly, if at all have zero % financing.

My reasons for buying this car was because;

1- Zero % financing.

2- The car is very short and it fits in my driveway.

3- The price was excellent and I didn't want to put out too much money because of the amount of travel I do (50,000. klm's per year)

All in all, I think it's a excellent disposable car.,..just drive it, wear it out and buy another one.

It's a perfect appliance on wheels! Let's face it,...the Toyota Yaris is a better built car, but who likes were the instrumentation cluster is (center of the dashboard) What's with that?

The Honda Fit, another well built car,..but way too expensive for what you get.

The Nissan Versa,..pretty much between the Fit and the Yaris in price, but not as good on gas.

Bottom line is, you get what you pay for!

19th Apr 2008, 19:17

What IS your gas mileage?