1971 Porsche 911 carrera 2.7 from UK and Ireland


She is amazing she drives like she is on rails


I parked the car up last week when I went on vacation. On returning I ran to the garage to check on her and I nearly had a stroke. There was a pool of oil under the rear of the car (Yes just under the engine). I am really scared that this is something serious. My husband said it was probably nothing then left me to deal with it. Before I go to a dealer or mechanic I was wondering has this happened to anyone else. What diagnosis were you given? Was it expensive?

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Review Date: 10th September, 2003

14th Oct 2003, 18:59

Suggest you go and see a mechanic... and perhaps a Doctor.

If your car was recently serviced, the oil may simply be a bit of overflow (eg from change in oil filter).

However, as there is no guarantee that there is a trivial cause, get your mechanic to look at it. I assume that you already have.

Let us know how it went.

14th Oct 2003, 21:23

Um, Did you CHECK THE OIL LEVEL?!?! Definitely the Doctor's the better choice!!

4th Jan 2004, 05:17

Is this a review or cry for help? Heh. Call your mechanic and remove the thread plz.

5th Jan 2004, 09:33

I'd say go with the doctor.

3rd Mar 2005, 14:07

Porsche did not make a 911 Carrera in 1971.

The first Carrera was the legendary 2.7 RS in 1973.

29th Oct 2005, 23:58

Actually the first Careeras were available in the 1950s. I remember looking at a 59 356 Careera once. Four cams, two distributors, and dual plugs. mmmmmmmmmmm...

1971 Porsche 911 T 2.2L from North America


The original classic sports car!


I bought this car with a lot of physical faults. The front windshield was cracked, no parking brakes, the right headlight didn't work, numerous paint chips and dents everywhere, but I LOVE this car. Thankfully, there was no rust.

To date, nothing more has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

For a 30 year old car, I haven't driven anything close to the level of performance this car has shown. Where else are you going to find $4500 of blissful driving experience? Keep in mind that this is an old car and it is somewhat of a chore to drive.

This car is a bit underpowered (135hp) compared with more powerful cars these days. When you factor in the handling and braking though, the Porsche is made for road courses and not for drag racing.

Don't buy a classic if you don't want to get your hands dirty or don't have lots of cash because the repairs will cost you. If you have some mechanical inclination, you can tackle most of the problems that arises.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2003

9th May 2013, 10:52

Fast forward 10 years, still 'a chore' to drive :) But likely worth $45k +++.

I have a 71t and it is easy to live with. Can cost, but is fun.

28th Oct 2016, 01:29

Fast forward another few years, and I'll bet you won't sell that 911T for anything. I've owned my '71 911T for 28 years now and wouldn't trade it for the world. Like you say, it's an old school experience, but a motoring experience unequaled (still looking for the shirt with that gear shift pattern of the 901 tranny).

29th Oct 2016, 16:07

That's because it's an air cooled. They also have really appreciated over the past 5 years. The newer water cooled ones are not the same.