1974 Porsche 911 S Targa 2.7 flat six from Australia and New Zealand


Finally worth every dollar spent


Clutch cable snapped.

Injectors clogged.

Electrical fault stopping battery charging.

Indicators (rear L) not working - related to battery fault above.

Heat exchanger and muffler required spot rust repairs.

Targa seals needed replacing - not too expensive.

General Comments:

When I picked this car up, she'd been stored in a factory for about 8 months, and had seen little use prior to that.

An oil change, injector cleaner, tune up and a bit of electrical work (all in the first week I had her) seem to have pretty much sorted her out.

She starts first time every time, can bend time itself on an on ramp, and people still stop and look at her.

For a car this old, she constantly amazes me and kept up with a bunch of 911/964's + 993's happily (4th out of 10) on a recent run.

I would say the creature comforts are sparse - quite loud at speed - hot cabin + weak ventilation systems and manual everything make for a very involving, if fully hands on experience.

Very much a driver's car, and certainly not a pleasure cruise barge.

I always wanted a classic air cooled 911, and I wouldn't part with this one unless I had another to replace her with.

This one had recently had a full gearbox overhaul and service prior to its storage time, and my mechanic (an avid 911 nut) gave me a green light on it so...

There is nothing so far in my experience that compares to howling away from a bend in 2nd gear on a beautiful day in a car like this.

You won't regret owning an aircooled older 911 if you do your homework, get it checked thoroughly, and don't mind getting your hands a little dirty working on them... be prepared for questions at gas stations, car parks, schoolkids etc as well..

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Review Date: 14th February, 2011

15th Jun 2011, 16:56

Update - Now at 186k miles and 8 months of ownership.


Vacuum leak somewhere in the plumbing, not major - just irritating. Still trying to track it down.

Trying to find some new seals locally for the rear lights - difficult, may have to import ex USA or UK.

The fan in the dash has packed up with a stuffed bearing - new one on the way. Pain in the ass, but car is nearly 40 years old so it's to be expected.

Overall - still brilliant. Oldest 911 in my local 'club', and still gets looks and has no problem keeping up. This could be because the driver is 'mad enough' to keep up, or she's just a damn good elderly 911.

A 964 owner on the last run (after having a look at the end of the run) reckons she has a Carrera block in her - will be checking this... He thought my S too quick for stock...

1974 Porsche 911 2.7 flat 6 from North America


Raw, real, and ready to ravish your checkbook


* Car sprung an oil leak, which has caused numerous headaches, including leaky messes and smoke off the heat exchangers.

* Oil "boiled over" in summer driving (NOT good).

* During heavy rain, the car will not re-start (warm or cold) due to faulty ignition/circuits.

* Second gear synchro has made accurate shifts difficult without crunching the gear.

General Comments:

Performance: This is a standard 911 with 150hp and a 5 speed. Because of how light this car is, it will blow your mind in acceleration and handling. At a curb weight of 2,300, I lost more weight by deleting the exhaust and spare (very easy and reversible). I would give this car great overall marks in the performance department, because compared to other cars of the 70's this thing spanks them all (Ferrari 308, BMW's, whatever). No emissions devices either :)

The "driving by the seat of your pants" feeling, along with the buzzsaw sound of the flat six, is irresistible. When this car is on and dialed in, you can't help but smile. Don't be fooled by the old fears of instantaneous oversteer: the car does NOT do that at all! In fact, it's a heavy heavy UNDERSTEER that you usually experience. And even with the tail out, it is not hard to control.

Comfort and Amenities: Little to none! If my example wasn't spartan enough, we replaced the standard door panels with pull straps. No air, no power anything. No safety equipment. This car will ROAST you in the summer. However, this is more or less why I bought it; it's raw and pure, and adds to the experience.

Reliability: Unlike the later SC's, these things are known for a short motor lifespan and of course because of the age, are REALLY quirky. My 928 on the other hand, has been a lot more reliable, only breaking down once in 8 years. The 911 has quit on me 6 times in 6 months!!! I highly suggest investing in a AAA membership :)

Appeal: It's a hot car, period. Girls stare, guys stare, kids stare, everyone wants to race you. In red, it's not for the timid driver.

Do I recommend getting one? Absolutely. It's the definition of what a sports car should be. However, if you don't have the time to learn about the car or a couple grand a year to keep it in good shape, you're looking at a royal nightmare.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2010

20th Jan 2014, 20:43

As a loving owner of a 1974 911, I could totally relate to your appraisal of the car's good and bad points! Yes, it's bare bones by comparison to today's (2014) luxury sports cars, and is not for the timid. It takes finesse to drive; you must feel for the gears. Double-clutching is a lost art, but comes in handy when you are pushing the 911, to prevent the wheels chirping and possibly breaking loose in a tight turn.

The trick to handling this car in turns is to modulate power and forget about the brakes, especially when the pucker meter is pegged! Enter turns at a controllable speed and apply power as needed. This car can easily out perform my steering skills, which are mainly limited by wondering what's just around the corner that I can't see coming. Think winding roads in the hills above Woodside, California late at night. A deer could really ruin the fun. But, oh the glorious sound of that air cooled flat six in the 4K-6K RPM range!