19th May 2012, 01:51

More faults - Exhaust studs on RHS broken. New studs fitted - $850NZD, plus a fair bit of welding on rust in the heat exchangers.

Front sway bar/stabiliser bar bolt shorn off, resulting in vibrations and shuddering in RH corners - NZD 650 to fix.

This repair work was done after a 3300 mile road trip Auckland - Wanaka - Hokitika - Auckland... not bad, and didn't use any oil either.

Still haven't got used to the stares, comments and random people asking me questions in the car parks.

20th May 2012, 22:10

Just wondering is yours a 2.7?. Has it needed much engine work?.. I also live in NZ. I would love to take a 911 on a south island trip somewhere.

How much do you budget per year for repairs?


23rd May 2012, 21:54

Yes it's a 2.7L... Budget. Hmm. I generally do a lot of the minor work myself, which makes maintenance pretty cheap.

A full oil change is an annual event, and I budget around 350 for the 12L of synthetic oil + filters + gaskets. Plus another 100 for top up oil. So 450 min per year.

In addition I keep at least 1k NZ aside for heavier more expensive stuff that may crop up from time to time. (And I'm trying to build up a fund for an end to end refurbishment as well).

There is a wealth of information on working on these online and in the heads of local drivers. They're not hard to work on at all... just study, take your time and you should be fine.

Round town driving they're heavy on gas, but on a long run, bloody economical for what they are.

I'd say a decent old 911 with service history is worth the hassle, but be prepared to spend time tinkering and reading if you want to keep it on the road.

South Island Road trip was awesome. 911's just eat miles for breakfast.. cruise around 75-80mph regardless of hills - they'll go up a mountain at 75 in fifth happily...

Go for it. Hope this helps.