1975 Porsche 911 911S Targa 2.7L from UK and Ireland


A classic car for today's enthusiast


Exhaust rusted away.

General Comments:

For a thirty year old car this is a wonder of engineering. Acceleration beats most modern cars and the un-assisted braking is phenomenal - always straight. Road holding is totally predictable even in the wet.

I Do intend to upgrade to a Turbo when they become 30 years old.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2005

20th Jul 2005, 10:30

Would agree with all that Stephen has written, the 2.7L would appear to be a much more responsive car than the 3.0L SC (probably a weight problem with the latter)

The first real, drivable (it corners predictably) super-car from Porsche in my estimation.

9th Jan 2010, 10:35

And reliability after all these years? I notice you didn't mention that.

10th Mar 2013, 20:20

If it's anything like my 2.7 '74, then reliability probably isn't too bad - most 2.7's still going now have had the troublesome initial head studs replaced, and will be running Carrera tensioners.

These cars are now 35+ years old, so you have to expect a lot of niggly small jobs and to stay on top of things - it's a good idea to grab some of the DIY books out there, and sign up to Pelican parts forums...