1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Stock from North America


Worth the plunge!!


So far, the only problem is the alternator bearing, which will require that the alternator be replaced at some point in the future, at a cost of around $300. Other than that, the car has been cheap to own.

Shortly after purchasing the car, I had the valves adjusted, oil & filter changed, brake fluid flushed & filled and transmission fluid flushed and filed as well... money well spent.

General Comments:

I've lusted after 911s since I was a kid. The stars aligned recently where I was able to actually purchase my 911; the right car at the price price finally came my way. My best advice is drive as many samples as you can.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2005

19th Mar 2006, 11:10

I can only hope the stars can align in my favour too ;)

Nice review :)

29th Aug 2007, 04:15

I first remember seeing a 930 Turbo screaming down a little 2 lane street in London, England. This was in 1977, I was 9 years old. From that point on, Porsche has always been my dream car. My first car was a Volkswagen Scirocco, '78 model. I've been a Mazda RX-7 guy for many years now, had 4 of them. Great car, but the Scirocco had a completely different feel.

Well, the stars aligned for me too!! I found a 1988 Porsche 930 Turbo that I could actually afford. Every 911 I looked at, I found enough reason to not buy it. Not this one. Completely bone stock, no modifications. New clutch, timing chain, and Turbo at 100,000 miles. I was worried about the mileage @116,000 when I found her. Everything checked out perfect, and now she is mine!! And, getting back to the Scirocco. There is something about a German car, something that Japan, Italy, and the States just haven't achieved. You strap this car on, and great things start to happen. The feeling of interaction between the road, car and driver can't be matched! It's indescribable. There are too many 911's out there that look beautiful, that will really dis-appoint you if you don't look deep. Do the work, be patient. There are gems out there, greatest car you can buy if you ask me!!

20th Sep 2007, 00:13

29th of August. I don't know you, but I love your sentiments!!! I too am testing stock 911's in California. I moved here from the UK in '87 and have lusted after an air/oil cooled 911 since I cannot remember. I require a daily driver and have driven many. The last "Porsche" I drove was a Carrera 4 996. I was everything one would expect, but I still have that hankering for an "80's (85 and up) air cooled. "Pelicanparts" forums have a interesting mix of contributors, but a well aligned set of mindsets when it come to discussing Porsche! Many constructive comments and many well informed opinions. Like all forums there is the often, "My car is faster then yours", but sort out the wheat from the chaff and I am sure it is probably the best forum available.

The problem with Porsche ownership is (as per a recent Pelican request), many want to drive the badge and do not have the passion required. Unfortunately, many owners who sold their Porsche cars, drove the badge and still did not "get it". They get hung up on the colour and "does it look good". (TIP::: You want to get laid... lick your eyebrows, get a French accent and a Botox license. A red "porch"" is 50/50 at best.

Good luck,


1986 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2L from North America


Not for the faint-hearted


The throwout bearing, pilot bearing, and clutch fork had to be replaced.

Minor items such as light bulbs were also replaced.

General Comments:

A true sports car. Very fast, handles excellent. The 915 transmission takes a bit of getting used to. This is a car for a skilled driver. You will not be putting it into "drive" and go gently down the road. Reaching a 100mph is easy. It can be achieved without trying. The DIY factor is high. There is an active community of porsche owners who are willing to help guide you through repairs. These "older" 911's are not like the new porsches. They are much more raw. You feel like their place is on a racetrack, not to mention this car is a real head turner.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2005

11th Oct 2006, 23:42

I have a 85 rather then a 86, but very similar. Just a really wonderful beast to drive, plenty of power, but not too much. Very nicely balanced. Great handling, but it takes a great driver to get the most out of it which I am not. You know your in a "real" car when you feel the heavy steering and clutch. My wife says it takes some strength to drive.

My car has been quite reasonable to own for an enthusiasts car. Yes, definitely not the most comfortable car to drive in and I could use losing an inch or two. My brother's 87 targa provides more head room. Also, his transmission is easier to use then the 85. That's all I have to add. Happy motoring. I guess a lot of us Carerra drivers always dreamed of owning a porshe as kids and finally took the plunge in a relatively affordable way.