1986 Porsche 911 Targa 3.2 from North America


This car is overall a great buy


Nothing has gone wrong with the car. The car has been well maintained, and it's really not expensive to maintain these older Porsches if you start off with a good one. Do your research and have it checked professionally by someone who knows the cars.

General Comments:

The car has more than enough power and looks great. It's not for the guy wanting to cruise in the lap of luxury. It's a true driver's car. One thing about most older Porsches is that the AC blows semi-cold air. This can be corrected by converting to R-134A and about $200 in upgrades to the system. These cars are not like most exotics. They have a relatively simple design and are engineered for reliability.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2005

5th Oct 2011, 12:25

You had mentioned that the air conditioning can be modified to blow colder with approx $200 in upgrades? Can you tell me what those upgrades are? I have had my system refilled and it does not get very cold.

I can be reached at altapasacal@yahoo.com

10th Dec 2011, 22:37

Start by taking your car to an A/C shop, and get the refrigerant recharged. In the old cars, it leaks out over time. I ended up updating to a much improved Sanden condenser from Pelican Parts. Then I replaced all of the A/C lines because I had a hole in a line, and wanted to update to barrier hoses. Overall cost was $600, but I have cold A/C now.

1986 Porsche 911 targa 3.2 from North America


There is no other


Nothing has gone wrong with my 911 since I have owned the car. But it is going to need a new clutch within the next year or so!

General Comments:

This is my second 911 I have owned; my first was a 1977 with a 2.7 motor. A very nice car AFTER I put 6,000 DOLLARS into it!!! I have fix and replace everything on the car except the engine and transmission. The car ran and drove perfect the whole time owned it, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND any Porsche with a 2.7 motor, STAY AWAY. Do your homework first, believe me I am an expert NOW!!! Anyways, onwards to my 1986 the reason I sold the car. It just didn't have the power I wanted, so I bought a 1986 with 3.2 motor and what difference going from 150 h.p. to 207 h.p. I've put quite few a upgrades on the car myself: rebuilt brake system and put racing pads on, installed Fabspeed S.S. euro pre-muffler, B&B S.S. muffler, Weltmeister air box, Autoauthority performance chip, Weltmeister strut bar, H4's on front, 8 in. Fuch on the back, and of course killer Alpine stereo and powered sub. Now I am pushing 245 h.p. and 225 pounds of torque at the rear. As far as performance their truly is: NO SUBSTITUTE-PERIOD!!! This car is totally blast to drive, I live a 1/2 mile a store and it aways takes a 30 mile trip to go for a loaf of bread. Drives my wife nuts, but hey she's got her gardening and flowers right! Sounds fair to me. But all honesty this car is very, very fun, but very, very expensive to maintain and fix. So make sure you extra money in your checkbook, before buy a used Porsche. In the end, PORSCHE 911 it's worth every penny! P.S. MAKE SURE you have all records and receipts before you buy like I did on my SECOND (2) 911!

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Review Date: 6th May, 2003

5th Aug 2005, 13:35

Perhaps you should check the horsepower rating on a stock 1986 Porsche 911... I believe (at least the factory rating) is 225 horsepower. A happy 1986 911 owner...

1st Sep 2005, 22:15

The owner's manual for a 1986 Porsche Carrera states that the horsepower is 200. This may not seem like a lot, but the power is nicely spread throughout the RPM range, unlike other cars where the peak power is 285 but only within a narrow RPM band.

16th Sep 2005, 19:40

What the heck is your wife doing gardening when you have a Porsche?! Frankly, I got my husband interested in cars, and I suspect your wife might fight you for the keys given half the chance! -911 Twistin' and turnin' at 30.

22nd Sep 2005, 06:51

In Australia the BHP is 231..sorry guys.

1986 Porsche 911 Cabriolet 3.2 from North America


An absolute dream to drive


Rear main seal and clutch need replacing at 76,000 miles.

New convertible top and convertible motor transmissions at 77,000 miles.

The car's color, "Guards Red", is particularly sensitive to water spots (acid rain is horrible for it).

General Comments:

It costs me 82 cents a mile to drive this car with maintenance, gas, and insurance (my 96 Subaru Legacy costs me 11 cents a mile). However, it is worth it. There is no other car in the world that is as pleasurable to drive as my 86 Porsche.

The car is reliable in the sense that it has never broken down and left me stranded anywhere, however there is a lot of maintenance work required to keep the car running smoothly.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2001

27th Aug 2001, 07:53

I am finalizing the deal to purchase a 1986 911 Carerra, what advice do you have? It has 106K miles and has all of the svc records since "birth." It is a 2-owner car. I have seen no record of any transmission or synchronizer work, but the clutch was replaced @ 80K miles.

I enjoyed reading your review, any thoughts you have would be helpful!


1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa 3.2 liter from North America


Alternator failed at 10 years of age, 110k miles.

Replaced clutch at 6 years of age, 70k miles.

General Comments:

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by how reliable this car is and how little maintenace it requires. It seems to thrive on being driven hard. I race it on weekends and drive a short (2 mile) commute to work every day, with no ill effects. At 12 years of age, this car still looks good, runs great and is still very satisfying to drive.

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Review Date: 21st June, 1998