1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 3.4 from North America


The most amazing piece of engineering I have ever owned


The check engine light came on a couple of weeks ago. Probably due to a misreading caused by the supercharger.

General Comments:

I have owned the car for 6 months. The dreaded IMS bearing was changed by the previous owner and the car was upgraded with a supercharger pushing up the HP to approximately 420, which is a lot for such a light car and more than enough to have fun.

I had a Porsche mechanic (not dealer) go over the car and do regular maintenance: all fluids replaced, new coils and plugs, new brakes...

The car passed PA inspection without a hiccup.

It is a blast to drive and will stay in the family for a long time.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2020

1999 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.4 flat six from North America


Unbelievably good, almost worth the price


Leather on the steering wheel wore quickly.

Rear tires only last 14,000 miles.

General Comments:

Wicked fast!

Perfectly matched gearing to engine's torque curve.

Scary at the limit if you're not used to it.

Easy car to live with and drive daily.

Aside from tires and oil changes, not much maintenance cost.

You won't believe how good this car is until you drive something else right after it.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2006

21st May 2020, 17:43

I am the first owner of a 911 Carrera GTS that I bought last fall. Has the jet black wide body and twin turbo. Added the light brown custom interior with 18 way sports seat. I went full leather and ordered the GT sport wheel. Options that were big are the ceramic brakes (over 10k) and ordered rear steering. Did the GTS side emblem delete and had the rear lettering black. Black wheels. You don’t drive a 911, you are part of it. At any speed you feel in complete control. They cost, but are worth every penny. It’s a big check. This is an everyday 911, although a GT3 is within reach. This has a rear seat. The wing goes up at 75 mph. So if it’s up and police notice, know it’s a giveaway for a speeding ticket. Joining a club and doing track time is really a great part of it. Buying a 911 was a bucket list desire for over 30 years. I worked hard for it and it was a dream fulfilled. Good luck with your 911!

24th May 2020, 16:37

You wish someone luck with their 911 on a review that was posted nearly 14 years ago?

They probably don't even own the car anymore.

26th May 2020, 16:09

But that doesn’t matter. You can own a car for a few years and present a very viable review for others. Could be doing a favor. Bad experiences or good ones. This is a car site review of many used vehicles. I’d rather read from a real owner. Past or present. Specific year especially. I’ve owned new cars from the 70s I’ve owned and could still review well as daily drivers.