2000 Porsche 911 Cab 3.4 from North America


Practical high performance without being a mantainance nightmare


Nothing as of yet. The bonnet latch was stuck one morning, but that was fixed with a little oil. No problems since.

General Comments:

Great handling car without all the quirks of the 993 series. I have driven the 993 series and understand the nostalgia of the sound and feel. But unfortunatly, as charming as that old technology is, the 996 engine and suspension put it to shame when it comes time to take a turn at 60mph or you turn to hard on wet pavement.

My favorite points of the car:

1) The interior. I have the fully optioned leather interior and it is very nice. Without 3 to 6K interior option it will look cheap, so make sure you find one with it. Seats are comfortable and the quaility is high (again, full leather option only).

2) Handling. I am not the greatest driver and have gone beyond my limits with the car. The PSM saved me from going into a ditch when I slid the back end on a wet surface. It sticks to the road without giving a bone rattling ride for every day driving. The 993 had a stiffer ride, but it is all for naught since it gets eaten on the turns.

3)Sound. I'm not trying to draw the attention of every cop when taking off at a stop light, so I appreciate the more subtle sound of the exhaust. After 4K (RPM) it is quite gorgeous. I know the purists will hate me for this comment. But I always thought the air cooled sound made it sound like a modded VW bug. I prefer smooth and throaty; or the banshee sound of my Ferrari.


Options: My car has nearly 30K dollars of options on it. I find that amount of money absurd for an already expensive base. The fully optioned leather interior should be standard. But, without the options the car would not be worth owning.

Stereo: I have the Nav System and the stereo is average. For a $98K car you would expect much better.

Nav System: Kind of cool to make it speak German. But the detail of roads in Northern Ohio is not so great. I'd expect more from a $4K option.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2006

29th Jul 2006, 00:45

I agree with the VW Bug sound. It sounded like a Singer sewing machine. The 996 blows away the 993, in sound and more importantly performance. I have owned both cars. Matter of fact, that was the one thing I disliked about the 993, the sound.

2000 Porsche 911 c2 3.4 H6 from North America


Interior body pieces have fallen off at speed (auto-cross). Other than that perfect.

General Comments:

Perhaps the best performance deal on the planet, once you've owned one your hooked.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2002

2000 Porsche 911 carrera cabriolet 3.6 from North America


Heavenly ride


Tyres needed balancing and replacement... I'm on my third set of rear tyres and second set of fronts. Poor alignment was the problem. Dealer couldn't fix for under $450 plus tyres. Went to Porsche garage locally and had them replace tyres with Toyos and align. Other than that no problems although those tyres were over $1000 each pair to replace. Front drivers mat has come unstuck. Other than that this car is one of the best in terms of reliability in my 9 car/truck fleet.

General Comments:

This Cabriolet is painted sinister black. It is not the fastest Porsche I have driven and I do dislike people saying "nice Boxster" :) but this cab is trully an amazing machine.

The car pulls strongly away from the line always and is a willing competitor in the street. The engine sings nicely althought I did like my 1997 unit a bit better - it sounded better and I think was a better driver for my driving style which is FIERCE.

The seats in the 911 cab are not too comfortable for a guy my size and as a result my shoulders are not supported well (find the seat backs are narrow). The roof goes up and down quickly and is very quiet once up.

I love all porsches (well, I do have issues with my 356) and compared to my other cars is my favourite marque. I will be keeping this car until I'm pushing up the daises! This car has excellent road feel. Don't like the front end that much and the rear is gorgeous.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2002

2000 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.4 gasoline from North America


There were some rattles which appeared within the first month or two. The rattle which sounded like the rear window was fixed. The sunroof rattle was fixed, but returned.

No mechanical problems. The car has been a dream.

General Comments:

The sound of the car is sublime. Handling is excellent, although understeers at limit.

I feel refreshed after long trips.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2002