10th Jun 2002, 00:31

Yah, OK guy...

Maybe if you corvette was a Z04 which is back in that year lower than 400 horse power or a Lingenfelter, and maybe if you had some steam roller tires so you would not burn up your tires at the start. And for the premium gasoline? and 210 mile per hour? What are you using? Jet Fuel?

13th Sep 2004, 06:19

There is no way a Corvette Z06 can top 210mph! And beat a 911 GT2? Give me a break! Maybe on a runway or a dry straight road it would 'just' beat the 911, but where's the driver skill in that?? Get a GT2 on a race track or a twisty country lane and it will annihilate any Corvette, even if the Corvette was being powered by rocket fuel!

26th Jul 2006, 16:22

I owned a Porsche in the past...

Unless you buy a Porsche new, it is a pile of junk!

My Porsche was purchased with only 30K miles, body (perfect).

The second I drove it from the dealer, it was like a bad omen, every other day it was slowly falling apart.

I cannot even begin to describe all the problems, along with the money, actually glad I cannot remember the money...

The junk caught on fire once, which convinced me it was time to go.

Babes were all over this car, it was fashion at it's extreme, but nothing is without a price etc...

Don't even attempt to return to a Porsche dealer for repairs, it will be painful.

...and every so-called foreign car repair facility is worthless, they guess at your cost!

I would buy a new one, but would literally shoot myself before buying another used one...

The vehicles are actually made very cheap, white aluminium, thin material etc...

I imagine the latter is to reduce weight, but when a repair is required, it is very difficult to weld etc...

The car is extremely overpriced, but it does have appeal, especially to the women.

23rd Aug 2009, 07:23

OK, well I think there are a lot of cars that are priced way under 120K and will still beat the turbo in all aspects of performance. For e.g, Nissan GTR, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru WRX STI.

13th Sep 2009, 21:57

To whom it may concern.

Please note the time that has passed since the original and last entry. A lot has changed in the last eight years. Sure, one can compare today's models to yesteryear contenders, but what I am wondering is why up and coming marques compare themselves to "The Legend". A 911 Turbo is what it is and will always be, the original benchmark. Sure, we "could" compare a 1976 911 turbo with its 300 ponies and four speed to a 2009 Honda V-6 Accord with its 270 ponies and whatever push button transmission is available... but wait... 33 years have elapsed and... well, why don't we compare a 09 911 turbo to that same Accord. Enough said.

To me there is a thrill and joy when I go motoring into twisty curving mountain roads when in my vintage 1971 911 S Targa (with the roof removed), that I cannot achieve in my 500 HP BMW track car, nor my A8 daily commuter.

3rd Apr 2016, 11:10

I have owned a newer Corvette and many Porsches. The Corvette was fast and powerful (great engine), but the build quality is laughable. I sold the car shortly after I bought it. The cabin of the Corvette creaks and rattles while driving. What good is power if it cannot be controlled? The Porsche Turbo of this year is a bank vault and manages its power very well. This is more of a GT car than an all out sports car.

3rd Apr 2016, 14:21

Not any more; today you are well into super car territory with the newest Corvettes. High build quality and drive coast to coast with bulletproof drivetrains. I was very sorry to see the air cooled Porsche disappear.

4th Apr 2016, 01:12

If it's a 2014 and up Corvette, the comments are not accurate whatsoever. High grade interior, tight suspensions with magnetic ride control. And blistering fast acceleration and braking. Maybe you owned a 1980.