15th May 2001, 11:37

Should just sell that piece of junk and get a better, more reliable car.

All out performance means reliability and durability suffers.

4th Jun 2001, 04:10

A Porsche 911 isn't worth it's price. The money you have to spend on maintenance is also insane. If you want to drive a real sports car, go for the Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 V6 24v.

I sold my 911 Carrera 4 from 1991 after one year of having to return EACH MONTH to the dealer because a lot of things went wrong with this car. Glad I sold it, and bought a new Alfa GTV. If you got money but no taste, buy a 911. If you got less money but you got driving skills, buy an Alfa.

6th Jun 2001, 09:57

Hmmm must say that although the GTV is a nice car, it's still FWD. Admittedly if you're just going to potter on the public highway the GTV is fine, but if you're off to the track then well I'd take the 911 warts and all just because it's RWD.

Anyway, I think this could be an example of a lemon - if you're going to buy a 911 (especially a 10 year old one!!!) you have to spend a lot of time and really learn about the car.

Having said that I'd expect a well maintained 964 911 to be pretty much as reliable as an Alfa, my brothers GTV has been in the garage on and off all its life, latest problem is a snapped steering rack - 1000 quid to put right, on a 2 year old car.

Still the GTV is admittedly great fun.

1st Oct 2001, 14:25

You wish you'd won a normal car instead of a supercar... riiiight.. makes sense... OK in many ways the 996 is not as great as some of its ancestors, but it's still one hell of a car, with superb performance. And will people please lay off the interior, it may not be a Bentley, but it's certainly not that bad..

An Alfa GTV? You must be kidding.. if I've ever driven a car that has flawed suspension, that must be it. Fun, but flawed. A GTV a driver's car, yeah right! LEARN to drive a 911, it will reward unlike any other car could. The 911 is an acquired taste, so exploit the amazing engine and superb chassis.. you'll never want another.

11th Oct 2001, 15:00

Right on, brothers!

6th Jan 2004, 08:54

With great respect to the Porsche brand. Obviously this car is not for you. Any unresolved problem you may have had with the car, may have simply been the inability of the mechanic you took it to. By your comment's, it seems as though you may have taken it to a cheaper alternative, than a true Porsche expert. The cars are brilliant and if maintained by the right people, remain reliable forever. Expensive to repair? Compared to what! I can see why you would be happy with something a lot less cheaper. But please... that is no Porsche!!!