24th Oct 2009, 04:30

My '86 Carrera is 230,000 and she's cracker. Lack of power steering makes it a drag round town, clunky 915 doesn't add any pleasure, but out on the open road... what a weapon. It drives like a rocket on a railway track. Larry's in a Skyline or a Holden V8, see you later! I haven't even started with the engine or exhaust note. My 25 year wait was well worth it.

29th Oct 2013, 01:22

Well, it's 7 years on since I wrote my original review! Things that have gone wrong since then:

2012: Odometer failed - broken plastic gear in speedo, which I fixed myself.

2012: Gearshift went floppy - shift coupler bushes disintegrated due to wear. Fitted new 'precision shift joint', which fixed the problem and vastly improved shifting.

2011: Car wouldn't start - Crankshaft position sensor failed, which I replaced myself.

Other than the above, nothing else has "failed". I have just had to replace things that have worn out (brake pads, battery, tyres). Still love this car, and get a real thrill each time I look at it, and an even bigger thrill when I drive it... ;-)

20th Nov 2013, 20:07

Hi, sounds like you have made a good purchase. How many km have you done since purchasing?. How have the running costs been? Thanks.

26th Dec 2013, 14:51

I've only added about 6000km since taking ownership (I'm pretty particular about when I drive my baby... ;-)

Being an auto mechanic, I have been able to do all the repairs myself so would have saved myself a LOT of money. I buy my spares from the USA (there's an awesome website named 'Pelican Parts') and their prices and range are very good - even with the exchange rate not working in my favour... ;-(

Still very happy with my car, and like anything, if you treat it right it will give great service in return.