1982 Porsche 928 Base 4.5 from North America




Oil leak at oil pan.

General Comments:

I found this 928 one month ago, sitting in a horse pasture.

It wasn't running, and had (has) electrical problems; however, it has good bones and cranked right up after I put a vacuum cap on a port I found uncovered on the intake plenum.

It runs fine now, and I am finding it pretty easy to work on.

Lots to do yet, but I am enjoying every moment of it. Almost as much fun as I had working on my 67 GTO convertible.

My high maintenance wife has even taken an interest in the 928, and has named it Greta!

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Review Date: 6th July, 2012

1982 Porsche 928 from North America


Well worth the money, and a pleasure to drive and work on


When I bought the car, the seats were badly damaged, and the leather had gotten hard and ripped in a few places.

The tachometer did not work, the odometer did not work, and the gas gauge did not work.

Speedometer was intermittent, and same with the miles per gallon gauge.

Alternator would not put out enough amps for city driving.

Radiator hose busted.

Transmission would not go into reverse, but had no problems going forward.

Needed new spark plug wires, distributer cap and rotor and new plugs. Engine would miss going down the road or when sitting at a red light.

Sunroof was slow to open and close.

Power mirrors did not work.

Brakes master cylinder went out.

Rust under the rear drivers side window. The clips scratch the metal up there and cause it to rust, otherwise the car is rust free.

General Comments:

This car is a dream car. It handles excellently. It was not very well maintained when I bought it, but after the initial fix-up, it has been a wonderful car. Not once has it broken to the point that I couldn't get it to a service station or home. These cars will seem to limp their way home even when something goes wrong.

This car is extremely fun to drive, and excellent for long trips.

I would not recommend this car to anyone who was not willing to put a lot of money into it. The parts are very expensive and sometimes hard to find. On a couple occasions, I have had to order parts and it would take over 2 weeks to get them. Most local auto parts stores will not have the parts in stock, but can usually order them. Our local shop doesn't even carry oil filters for it.

I have also had a problem getting people to work on the car for me. My local mechanic will not touch the car because it is different and a liability to them if something should go wrong. Which has worked out fine for me, as I have learned how to fix most things myself. It looks like it would be hard to work on, but it is not.

I have not been able to figure out if the engine is a 4.5 or 4.7, if anyone knows how to determine which one it is, please let me know. There is suppose to be a sticker in the trunk that says, but there isn't one, and I don't have the book for the car. Most parts that I have had to buy were universal to both cars.

This car has enough HP to make it a really fun car. I have a 69 Torino cobra with 650HP, which is also a fun car. It can beat the Porsche off the line, but it does not handle very well, so in a long race the Porsche would win hands down.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2006

12th Jun 2009, 23:54

Is your car the standard model or is it an S?

28th Jan 2013, 08:39

It's a 4.5.

24th Jul 2014, 18:07

Surf (search) "1982_US_Owners_Manual.pdf" for a free Owner's Manual or e-mail me for a free copy: kanghaggle@gmail.com

82 Porsche 928 Sport Owner

Regards, Kang