1982 Porsche 928 S V8 from Sweden


Dream car with a soul


The cruise control seemed rather odd. First day I bought the car I tried enabling it. Ended with me running about 180 km/h on a highway since it was impossible to turn the control off (had to put the gear in neutral and turn the car engine.. When starting it up afterwards, the rpm went to the roof again..) Never tried that feature since.

General Comments:


The car I own is a "special edition" which means that there were only about 60 or so made by Porsche. The main difference between this car and the regular models of the same year is that the car is lower, wider and has a stronger engine (300 hps).


If used for city driving, then it sucks fuel like a "black hole" (2-4 liters / 10 km)

Insurance is outrageously high (Gadget and dashboard descriptions are in German which might be annoying only if you don't know German) .


If driving in the countryside the fuel consumption will be that of a Suzuki Swift (0.7 - 0.8 liters / 10 km).

The V8 sounds like music. Makes you wonder why the car was equipped with a stereo, since using that only spoils the pureness of the purring engine.

The sound of the twin turbo charging makes your stomach knot in anticipation of the coming G-force. It also makes a lot of your fellow commuters' heads turn.

The only maintenance ever needed have been regular "spring service" (change of fluids, sparking plugs..), changes of tires and brakes.

Does not rust (the whole car is made of aluminum)

Always starts on first try. It does not matter if it has been in the garage for 6 months or left at an airport parking for a month in -20 degrees Celsius.

Road handling. Taking a roundabout in 70 km/h is an easy feat, as is handling skidding on for ex. wet surface. If you ever see yourself in a situation where the car has thrust it's tail out 90 degrees, just counter-steer and let the throttle up and the car will do exactly as hoped it would. Mostly due to the perfect 50/50 weight distribution of the car.

Everything is in leather except for the windows :-) Every pretty detail.

Simple controls. No nonsense nicknacks. Large buttons for the scarce controls needed in the "cockpit". Controls made for a race driver wearing thick gloves.

Fun like !"#ยค to drive!

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Review Date: 4th April, 2001

14th Apr 2001, 15:13

Check it out. First, the body should be galvanized steel, not aluminum. Second, if twin turboed, sounds strangely like an aftermarket. Frankly, the description of the car sounds a bit suspect. Are you certain of your facts? I've serviced a few and something doesn't seem proper.

Just curious.

15th May 2001, 13:06

I agree with the previous comment, I have been driving my 928 for the 8 or 9 years, it just does not add up.

1982 Porsche 928 4.5L V-8 from North America


Great older Porsche


Electrical problems, and many other minor items related to old age.

Difficult to maintain without factory manuals which are $400/set.

General Comments:

If you like to work on cars and want to fix it yourself (so you can afford it), it is a great older car. Dealer service and parts are very expensive.

Expect to pay about double what parts for American cars cost.

Expect it to require proper TLC!

Expect to really enjoy driving it!

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Review Date: 12th February, 2001

2nd Aug 2016, 04:58

I have a 1981 5 speed 928, virtually a 1 owner car.

The biggest problem I have encountered since owning the car, is people who think they know every problem a 928 has, they can fix it.

For me it has been nightmare & no one in British Columbia has a clue.

I had the car at "3" so called specialists & all have damaged the car in various forms.

My standard is very high & I expect the same from techs, who simply don't care.

I agree they are a true GT touring car, & when on "song" & set up correctly, simply superb. But like a lot of European motoring, expect to do a lot of ongoing maintenance.

Happy motoring.

2nd Aug 2016, 20:32

The sad truth is that although your standards may be very high, virtually everyone else just sees it as an old but not particularly valuable example of the marque.

1982 Porsche 928 4.5L V8 from North America


Fun, fast, comfortable car!


Had a problem with the speedometer not working, is hard to find someone that knows how to fix it.

General Comments:

Overall, great car, excellent performance. Fun to drive. No problem passing. Get lots of looks. Handles well.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2000

1982 Porsche 928 4.5 liter V-8 from North America


The Oxygen sensor light won't go off. With proper maintenance and care, these cars are phenomenal.

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Review Date: 10th November, 1998

28th Aug 2001, 11:08

On the right side {passenger-side} there is an access panel on the right side of the seat. Remove the panel and look for a little white button marked OXS. This will reset your oxygen sensor light.