1985 Porsche 944 3.0L 4-cylinder from North America


A beautiful and well designed machine


- About one month after I purchased the car, the automatic transmission died. Got that fixed (for around $1600)..

- Then about 2 weeks after I got that fixed I had to get a "damper plate".. A piece of rubber that is near the drive-train, and in turn makes the car smoother. The car CAN still be driven with the damper plate being needed, but that is not recommended. Note: If you drive it while that part is needed and it starts to get bad, the whole car will start to shake. Well, for now, I haven't been driving it, because I need to save up some money in order to fix this present problem. (Cost with dealer part: $1700) (Cost with part bought elsewhere: $1000-$1100)

- Once I fix that, I will be replacing the timing belt and water pump. That being not that much money (mechanic says the timing belt looks fine, but I'd rather not chance it).

- Back hatch window needs sealing. Some say that it can't be done, but I have spoken to many Porsche enthusiasts that have said that it CAN be sealed, and you don't HAVE to buy the whole rear hatch.

General Comments:

The 1985 Porsche 944 is beautiful machine. No lie here folks. Even with the medium to high prices for parts and service, the performance will make up for it.

- For one: Handling

The best handling car I have ever driven. Before I bought the car, I was reading around on the Internet at reviews, and one person stated... "This car feels like you are driving on fly paper, the car actually sticks to the road"...

When I read this, I was wondering if the car actually performed this way. And they're completely right. This car takes turns like a dream.

- Secondly: Power

With it being a four cylinder, it is surprising on how much power it has. It could be faster though, if you wanted to drop some money into it (by buying a turbo or something). But by itself, it has more than enough power.

0-60mph: Mid to high sevens

0-100mph: Haven't timed it, but it is pretty quick.

The car itself is heavier than most recollect. Even with this issue of weight, it still has the power. For more power, I have found a site with a lot of performance parts.


There are numerous other sites with products for this model, so just look around, and you will find what you are looking for.

- Thirdly: Drivability

All I have to under this category is "beautiful". This car, rather, this piece of art bring joy to those who are in the driver's seat.

I really can't believe how stable this vehicle is. No matter how fast you are going (ex. Going 60mph or 120mph, it is still smooth).

- Fourthly: Appearance

This car will and does turn heads. The style can be described as a 'masterpiece'. No joke, this car will get looks from a kid or an old man. (and usually you'll get a little smile from the ladies.. if that means anything to you. ;) )

I know your wondering on how many 'lys' there are. But I promise, there is only one more.

- Lastly: Interior

+ Pros

^ Front seats - Massive leg room.

^ Front Seats are comfortable.

^ Instrument panel was put together very well.

^ Back seat folds down, in turn producing more space for the trunk.

- Cons

^ Back seats are mainly just for show. You can use it for a briefcase of something. Don't get me wrong, I have fit people back there before, but I am not saying they were 'comfortable'.

^ The stereo is the best sounding. But that is understandable since the speakers are 4x6's (a tiny bit of bass, and more treble. That is how I would describe it).


All an all, this car is great. If I had the chance to go back in time, I would still purchase it. And I would also recommend it to others to purchase or at least look at purchasing this car.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2002

28th Oct 2005, 02:34

Do you have any more info on sealing up that rear hatch? Just curious!

Ar31tu (at) gmail.com.

9th Nov 2008, 20:23

Hey, I have been looking at buying one and your ad has really helped my choice and getting my girlfriend to be on my side. What should I look out for when buying this car?

1985 Porsche 944 2.5 from North America


A boyhood dream come true


Alternator regulator destroyed the battery. Very easy to repair myself.

Rear wiper didn't work when I acquired the car. I spent no money, and just a little time to repair it.

The camshaft woodruff key sheared ($1.81 part, and a little time to repair by itself) ; resulting in a search for the problem. During that search I discovered a burned valve. In the long run it worked out for the best. I spent less money taking care of the problem before it grew.

Odometer failed recently.

General Comments:

This car is truly a Porsche. The majority of the parts are extremely expensive.

The best way to save money fixing this car is to learn how to do it yourself. I haven't spent as much on maintaining this car as someone who takes their car to the dealer. On the other hand; I like spending the time learning about my car.

This car truly handles like a dream. The only car that I have found in it's original price range that can out run it in a straight line, and on mountain roads is a Subaru WRX. It took a 17 year newer car with a Porsche engine to beat it all around. All other cars in it's price range fall short.

I had always been a huge Chevrolet fan until I acquired this car. Now the only Chevrolet I would want is a truck. If I want a car it has to be a Porsche; nothing else will do.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2002

5th Nov 2003, 16:35

I just purchased my first 944, a 1985 model. I was a big Chevy fan of Camaro's, now I know the true meaning of

"Porsche, there is no substitute"

Now I will use my Cadillac Escalade to tow the Porsche to events. Now I know what GM products are good for.

4th Feb 2009, 08:30

The odometer on my 85 944 early model. Not to say you have same problem. But on mine there is red gear that had just slid over. Slid it back in place. Hooked a drill up to it to check. And lo and behold, that was the problem. Hope this will help you.