1985 Porsche 944 2.5 4 Cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


One of the nicest cars on the road still


Alternator rear housing

O2 sensor replaced

Clutch master cylinder

Oil leak.

General Comments:


Fantastic engine, with great mid range punch.

Amazingly fuel efficient (10L/100kms in daily driving).

Best handling car I've ever driven, keeps up with newer 911's around corners.

Perfect driving position.

Good luggage space.

Striking looks.


Needs to be maintained carefully and often.

Expensive parts and labour.

Insurance is expensive.

Only cruel people think of putting anyone in the back seats.

Need the turbo if you want "real" performance.

This car opened my eyes. Pre-944 I drove my car. After a few weeks of owning this car I started to love cars and Porsches. It inspired me to learn about cars, enjoy long drives, enjoy short drives, improve my driving skills and buy car books and magazines.

Overall, it's a fantastic car and is amazing to own. The engine has as much smooth revving power as most cars available today. However, if money is a concern I'd consider buying a cheap Japanese car or something similar, but this car has potential to cost a lot of money over several years. Choose carefully when buying, and get a decent pre purchase inspection.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2003

1985 Porsche 944 2.5L from North America


A deceiving unreliable cheap car


The first couple of weeks I had the car the head gasket blew. I wasnt too happy.

I got that fixed and a week later the CV joints started clicking.

After that the air conditioner quit in the middle of summer imagine that.

After about one month of kinda reliable driving the clutch shattered bummer.

Got that fixed and yet again the head gasket blew. I didn't bother to fix it, I just gave up and gave the car away. I have had enough.

General Comments:

The car handles very good, but it needs more power.

The car is very very unreliable.

20/25 mpg decent.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2003

8th Jun 2007, 04:26

Even if it was maintained extremely well by the previous owner, a car with over a 100k and that is more than ten years will more than likely need those type of repairs.

I've never owned a Porsche, but if all that you needed was a head gasket, some CV joints, an A/C service and a clutch, you are getting off far better than the average car owner of something with that age and mileage. Especially on the AC and CV joints - those parts of a car always need service at some point. They're the sort of parts that wear out just like tires, brakes, struts, etc.

If anything your review reflects a car most of us would consider relatively reliable and durable.

Try buying something like a Ford Contour with that many miles and you will see that your Porsche was quite a good car after all.

8th Jun 2007, 09:46

I guess I've been pretty lucky with my 944.

I have owned it for 17 years and done 190,000 miles taking it to over 260,000.

I have done all the servicing myself, and all it has needed is a new clutch at 200,000 and the air con packed up.

It has still got the original exhaust.

1985 Porsche 944 2.5 from North America


A solid value in all aspects


Nothing has really gone wrong with the car yet. She was babied her whole life by the same person who had to sell her for a car she could fit her grandchildren in.

There is a rumble at idle which my mechanic said is probably a timing mis-adjustment.

She will hesitate in 1st and 2nd gear when she is cold, but when she warms up, she runs tip-top.

The rear hatch is leaking and letting water into the recessed wells behind the rear tires. Water is also visible inside of the driver's side brake light.

General Comments:

My friend, who has a Mustang, wants to race me. I told him that he would have me until we came to the first bend. Seriously, this car can take bends at tremendous speeds and maintain control all the while. This car's agility saved a deer's life the other night. :)

The leather seats are extremely comfortable.

There is ample leg-room for the tallest of your friends.

The backseat is basically for show.

I have not taken it on a long trip yet, but I look forward to when I can.

A Porsche, no matter what the cost, is not a good car for a teenage driver or someone who cannot afford to properly maintain it.

These cars will attract stares and looks, too. People will complement on how well designed they are and girls will always comment on how "cute" they are.

People in Japanese "Race-cars" will try to egg you on, but this is a beautiful 18-year old car and I want her to last as long as I can. I baby her, but once in a while I like to blow out the carbon. ;)

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Review Date: 12th March, 2003

20th Jul 2008, 12:24

Hey guys. I am a teenage driver and I found a '85 Porsche 944 turbo in great condition and $3200. I think it's a great buy and I know that you said that this isn't a good car for a teenage driver, but you didn't specify why this wouldn't be good for someone like me. (could you specify why?)

22nd Apr 2009, 22:48

When I said that it wasn't a good car for a teenager, I meant that they are not cheap to maintain, and when they break down the cost a lot of money to fix. Nothing personal but I wouldn't let my teenager (when I have one) drive a Porsche.

13th Aug 2009, 14:09

I got my first 944 when I was 17, totaled it and bought another. It's an amazing driving car, and I have come to appreciate the spectacular engineering of such an old car. I feel it looks more modern than some of the newer cars today. Once you drive it, you will never want to drive another car, it handles remarkably!... and I'm a girl...