1987 Porsche 944 S 2.5 inline 4 from North America


A pretty, but deep hole to throw your money


These cars are nice, but can cost lots of money to keep on the road, even if its well taken care. The top end of the engine was thoroughly rebuilt 600 miles before I bought the car. Shortly after I purchased it, the transmission broke and needed to be replaced (replacing was cheaper than rebuilding) so I replaced it myself as well as the clutch (these cars are very notorious for failing factory clutches). Maybe 3000 miles later, the chain that drives the twin cam broke and cracked the head- rendering the head needing to be replaced- again! So I sold the car as is and took a big hit on all the money I had put into it.

By the way, the engine compartment on this car was immaculately kept. The paint (original) was by far the most beautiful I had seen on any 944, and the leather interior was not perfect, but was extremely clean and exceeded my standards for how well it had been kept up. It goes to show that even a clean 944 can turn out to be trouble.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2006

3rd Oct 2013, 21:38

Thank you for the honest review. My son owned a Porsche, and, as you have stated, running costs are insane, and even a well maintained car will need many, many expensive repairs. This is true for the 944 as well as the Boxster and 911 models.

Unfortunately, the Porsche Cabal makes these cars sound wonderful, in spite of the rubbish costs and insane lack of normal reliability. Those who have owned a Honda or Nissan will be shocked by Porsche "normal maintenance" costs.

And as for performance: my other son's Acura Integra was just as fun to drive as the Porsche, and MUCH less expensive to own. Thank you for telling the truth.

1987 Porsche 944 2.5 na from North America


I will never sell this car, ever


Clutch Just recently replaced (original rubber clutch came apart over time).

All belts replaced.

Radiator hoses needed to be replaced.

Fuel line was rotted, needed to be replaced.

Small leak from power steering rack.

Suspension work.

New brake rotors.

Stereo is old and needs to be replaced.

Enough minor things to fill a novel.

General Comments:

I love my 944, shes a money-pit, but shes worth it.

The handling is amazing, she tells you when the back end is about to kick out, the steering is responsive and toutchy. I can make turns and corners my brother can't dream of making with in his Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.

Engine is more than powerful enough for me, I've found that the cars more than willing to do anything I want, and it has more power then I'm comfortable using.

Great gas economy, I get about 25-30 mpg driving conservatively.

Interior is nice, fits me very well, and I'm a large guy (6'2").

This is a great car, be careful about buying them, make sure the one your getting is up to date with repairs, especially clutch work (cost me $2700 to get a new clutch installed by the local dealership).

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Review Date: 19th November, 2005

20th Mar 2006, 09:59

Well, you've just proven some basic axioms that people reading this site should know prior to buying a used luxury/high performance car:

- Always get it checked out prior to purchase

- Find a reliable mechanic that "loves" the type of car you are buying (someone who specializes in Toyotas isn't going to do a good job on your Porsche).

- Join a car club for the type of vehicle you are buying. The Internet is a great place for information, but a car club is even better. I found it invaluable for the five BMWs I owned.

- Go in with eyes wide open as far as what things cost. Too many people are suckered in by low purchase prices (mainly for used and larger BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguar) and then are shocked at their first oil change.

- Understand that many of the reviews here for luxury/high performance cars are from enthusiasts who have different definitions of what "reliable" and "cheap to own" means. Many do their own repair work which significantly cuts down on costs. For example, I worked with a guy who had an eight year old 944 turbo. He told me it was the most reliable car he had ever owned, yet I learned later he had to have the engine totally rebuilt at his cost.

If you follow this basic advice there won't be any surprises and you will love your car for as long as you own it.