18th Nov 2010, 12:48

I bought an 86 and am totally satisfied. Rock solid engineering and handling. Parts have not been too bad and my Porsche mechanic would rather work on mine rather than the new ones with sensors and special equipment requirements. In fact, Harry has three 944s in his family. He loves the Turbo!

I drive mine daily now and it is a pleasure. I receive comments from folks who usually say "I would have given my right arm for that car when it came out!" or "had one, wished I still had it now!". People love the pop up lights and the interior is still one of the best designs going. I need to tweak the stereo, but there is something about hearing the tunes just the way you heard them in 1986.

So overall, I think the Porsche is a great value, a classic which is great fun to drive and own. Try one! Even Jeremy Clarkson thinks they rule!

Mike Cranmer

Pensacola, FL.

18th Nov 2010, 20:03

"Do you want modern, expensive, wasteful V8 muscle cars to stare at your receding taillights wondering what just happened?"

Yeah, the '86 944 was anything but fast. 0-60 was 8.8 seconds. 5.9 for the turbo, which isn't stated here as the car the poster has. You wouldn't need a modern muscle car to waste this Porsche. An '86 Mustang GT would wipe the pavement with this car! And ANY modern V8 muscle car would easily dispatch even the turbo version today.

As far as picking up girls... a 24 year old car is hardly a big attraction... Around here you'd do better with a new V-6 Accord coupe... and yes even that would trounce the turbo 944! Mid 80's cars are mid 80's cars.

19th Nov 2010, 15:51

And just how many girls can guess the age of any sports car? Get laid for having a V6 Accord Coupe? Sure, if you look like Ryan Reynolds.

20th Nov 2010, 14:50

Well, if you really need a car to get girls... I picked up some of my hottest girlfriends when I was driving beater cars around... nothing to do with the car!

Anyway, these cars look dated by any standard today, and were really never that great even new. They were called the poor mans Porsche back in their day, because that is exactly what they were. Like I said, the Mustang of the same era would wipe the pavement up with these wannabee "fast" cars. Nowadays the Accord would waste this car so fast it would be laughable... never mind the Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, etc., etc.

I was merely posting on the fact that the original poster claims this is such a high performance car that actually turns heads anymore. Yeah right! 911? Yes that would make you look twice. 944? Eh, not so much.

20th Nov 2010, 14:53

"And just how many girls can guess the age of any sports car?"

I know quite a few girls that can tell an old outdated car.

31st Mar 2013, 03:05

Ouch... burn. I just bought a 944 tonight.

31st Mar 2013, 21:05

I think the deal breaker is where they see you live, not the car you use to get there and what has been posted on the internet. I had one girl tell me that anyone can make a car payment. So you better have more going on than wheels.

5th Apr 2013, 02:05

I have an 86 non turbo, and don't care what or how fast other people drive!

I had the car totally done over, and yes more $ than book, but it was still far less than other models, and know I can put 80k to 100k miles on it and have a blast! When I need a change, I jump into my '75 914 1.8; another low cost fun ride! Enjoy your 944; without the payment book, you'll have the last laugh!

50k plus for a car to turn heads? Nah, just give me a vintage driver. Sports cars can be low cost fun if you do your homework Don't be sorry you bought it, fix and enjoy it! Take care of it, and somebody else 20 years from now will be glad you did! The 944 is a very comfortable cruise!

23rd Sep 2015, 04:41

I managed it when I was in college.

23rd Sep 2015, 18:39

I am trying to work out how someone with the technical knowledge to refit an A/C system for 134a can possibly mistake a straight-four for a flat-four.

24th Sep 2015, 12:35

Refitting an A/C system to 134a does not require much "technical knowledge".

4th Apr 2017, 06:35

This is pretty funny. 220 HP off the showroom floor, and 275+ easy with $500 in mods in an under 3k pound car.... and Civics and Mustangs will "blow it away", don't make me laugh. Wow, jealous much???