12th Jun 2006, 06:58

I had the timing belt done the first time at 42k. I didn't think the water pump should need changed at tat mileage, so, Planned on getting it changed the next time, around 75k. As it turned out, the water pump didn't last that long. I think it failed prematurely. Of course, the car has low mileage for the year and is now 15 years old.

7th Jan 2009, 15:36

Hi, I know this is rather late in the day but I've just reached that point where I'm deciding between the Corrado and the 968.

The shortlist is Corrado -80,000 miles full service history, about 4500 pounds, and 968, 130000, well maintained for 8500 (and 500 bucks more on the car insurance).

You've driven both... my worry is I can't get both as the cars might be too old (or maybe expensive if they become classics).

What do you think I should get?!?!?


19th May 2009, 12:13

It's hard to say which is a better buy; the 968 or the VR6 Corrado. A lot depends on how you will use it. Year-round winter (snow) usage dictates the VW in my opinion. IF you life in a warmer climate or will only use it in good weather, the choice gets more difficult.

The Corrado felt like a high quality Porsche in my opinion, with equal or superior build quality for the most part. You felt it was a little nose-heavy vs the Porsche, but it still handled excellent... one of the best front drive handling cars ever. Its acceleration was pretty close, too. Prices have pretty much bottomed out and are lower than the Porsche. You have more affordable power upgrading options with the VW, as well. If that's your thing. The Corrado felt like a smaller sports car overall, whereas the Porsche felt heavier and bigger. Though the VW had more usable interior room.

The Porsche, though, has the cache. It is a little quicker and has a higher top speed, but those are not things you use everyday. I prefer rear drive handling and do not need this for winter transportation so as a limited use pleasure vehicle, the Porsche would get the nod.

Both are relatively rare cars that are admired. I wish I still had both.

21st Dec 2012, 15:30

I am the original poster. I recently sold the 968 after 13 years of ownership. It cost me about $1,500 per year for service, maintenance, repairs, etc.

It was a very good looking car and still somewhat modern looking. But, by 2012, its 236 HP was nowhere near adequate anymore. It felt merely peppy. A modern V6 Mustang base model is probably faster...

I sold the car to help save up for something newer and with more power. Problem is, nothing really offers the same levels of handling, looks, build quality, rarity, and exotic, but with 100 HP or more without spending a lot more money.