1997 Porsche Boxster 2.5L from North America


Leads you to the 911


Convertible top arm (2 times), which is a known problem and very costly to fix. The levers become misaligned, and if you don't realize it, the convertible top lid gets destroyed.

Engine seals because the previous owner did not drive the car as it should have been driven. The low miles (10k in 2002) was actually a bad thing, and I didn't realize it at the time.

Plastic pieces on dashboard have fallen apart. The motion sensor covers fall off as well as steering wheel lever button pieces, the air vent pieces break.

General Comments:

I knew nothing about Porsche, I just wanted a classic looking roadster to drive. The previous owner had pre-ordered the car when the Boxster was first introduced. I drove it twisting around the mountains where he lived and instantly realized how exciting a driving experience could be... and why Porsche had such a following. The mid-engine, the response, with the top down you can't help but smile while you are driving the car.

In 1997 the Boxster was made in Germany after which Porsche outsourced production (98-00 years are troubled). The car was first introduced in Europe the year before, so the US 97 Boxster did not have the initial engine problems always talked about, and is very dependable.

Leather seats, but fake dashboard and plastic interior parts become a disappointment after owning the car for some time. Make sure the car you are considering has the full leather package.

The 2.5L engine produced 201 hp and great gas mileage, which is impressive but under appreciated by those proving they can beat you off the straight line.

But what this car really did was introduce me to Porsche. The 97 Boxster has the feel of a modern classic, but leaves you knowing there is something missing. Soon, convincing your wife that the Boxster is really the car for her becomes a priority. Because while you can't bear to part with such a wonderful car... the 911 calls to you like no other.

There are those who love driving a Porsche and everyone else. In the former, there is a connection between car and driver that is unexplainable. The Boxster retains that spirit, but will no doubt lead you to the 911. So if you enjoyed the Boxster test drive, allow me to save you endless hours of debate within yourself as well, as several thousand dollars of your money over the next few years. Do not be distracted by all of Porsche's other offerings... the 911 is what you are looking for.

I recommend:

1996-1998 993 Carerra, C4/S, or turbo if you can afford it... the last of the air-cooled. Stay away from '95, the targa, convertible. Stay away from 996 (per every Porsche mechanic ever to give an honest opinion).

Or if the convertible is what you want, wait until you can afford a 997, which became available ~2005.

>30k miles when buying a used Porsche is always a good rule of thumb.

Ultimately I found my dream car... a silver 1996 Porsche 911 C4. More in line with why you are reading this, my next Porsche would have to be a 997 Carrera convertible (any year).

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Review Date: 4th December, 2009

1997 Porsche Boxster 2.5 from Australia and New Zealand


As they say, "Porsche, there is no substitute"


L shape plastic under tray has cracks, trailing arms front and rear slightly worn and supposedly noisy, minor body marks, left rear brake globe blown, actuator in passenger window sometimes squeaks when window used and the engine mount has small cracks.

However these faults were detected in pre-purchase inspection. Otherwise the car is great, and just needs a really good polish and detail.

General Comments:

Overall, the car is excellent, considering 11 years old and one owner, with full service history. I had an inspection completed by a Porsche dealer and could live with the listed repairs, which were not immediate required repairs.

Considering I had everything done via the phone or Internet, then flew from Adelaide to Sydney, viewed and test drove the car and handed over the cash, then drove nearly non stop home, the car felt absolutely reliable.

The drive home was just under 1600 kms, and the car performed perfectly. Left the top down from sydney till I reached the South Australian border, brilliant.

The tiptronic is magic and gear changes very quick. I would doubt I would go back to manual, providing Porsche continue to leave the tiptronic gear change buttons on the steering wheel. In conclusion, just excellent.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2008

26th Nov 2009, 16:39

I have now had the Boxster 20 months and it's still a great car to drive. Minor things have required replacing, but overall, happy considering the age of the vehicle. The distance travelled is now 79,000, so coming up to the dreaded 80,000km service, which can be rather expensive.

Have incorporated some modifications: front and rear strut braces, new performance muffler, K & N air filter, simmons wheels, heavy duty battery, LED lights and car bra.

The top needs to be replaced, mainly due to the plastic window cracking, but will replace with a glass window top.

Overall, the car is really good to drive and the economy is still excellent, 650 out of a tank with average driving.