22nd Jun 2010, 01:46

It is now June 2010, and the car is still going well. However, the main problem is I have not had time to drive it. I have covered just under 81,000kms. The only area that needs addressing is the wheel alignment. I have recently had the front wheels balanced on the car, but the wheel alignment may need to be done again; I say again, as I only had it carried out Sept 2009. A four wheel alignment at a performance workshop may need to be carried out.

Overall, the car is still good to drive, a little sharper when accelerating thanks to the last major service. Just need to replace the canvas top with one that has a glass window.

12th Sep 2010, 23:55

13 Sept 10.

Car still going well and not driving much. However that micro switch under the hand brake, bugger, can't get the top down. I have also replaced the front speakers with a set of 4 inch Alpine two way 100 watt speakers; excellent, such a dramatic difference. You won't get the bass, but the improvement is very good and worth the time and money. The speakers were $100 a pair and took around an 1.5 hours to complete. I will admit I took my time and soldered the wires in.

Other than that the car is great to drive and will be fun once I get the top down. All good.

23rd Nov 2011, 19:38

Well, I still have the Boxster, and the micro switch still hasn't been replaced, but works when the weather heats up. I have a new top to be installed, one with a glass top. This will allow for operation in all weathers, as the plastic top will crack if the weather is cold.

Overall, the car is still going well, even though I don't drive often. Only completed 5,000km in the last two years; have a total of 85,500km on the clock.

2nd May 2012, 21:40

I have now installed a new top, and it is really good. Did take 15 hours with assistance, but we were slow with pulling about the old top, taking photos and jotting down notes in preparation for installing the new top. The new glass top is a great improvement on the plastic window and folds down very well. I purchased the top from the USA and it's excellent quality. Plus there are plenty of installation notes via Google to guide the installation process.

The new top has to stretch into place, and this may take a while. Leaving the car in the sun certainly contributes to bedding the top onto the body.

The hand brake micro switch has decided to work properly now, so I have not replaced it at this point.

I have completed about 88,000 km, and so far so good.

Overall, still happy with the Boxster.

3rd May 2012, 15:00

Thanks for the updates. I just had the chance three weeks ago to drive a Boxster for a day, overnight actually. Loved it. It takes getting used to as I've never driven a Porsche before, but it was an experience.

23rd Oct 2013, 23:24

Well, I still have the Boxster and have added another 14,000km since my last entry. The new top is brilliant, there is nothing else to say!

I took the Boxster over to Tassy last March 13, and driving on the twisty roads was great. So good in fact, I am going down there again next Easter 2014, and will drive through some other areas that are twisty.

The micro switch with the hand brake plays up now and again, and still haven't replaced it. Did an oil change myself 12 months ago and about to carry out another. I saved $200 doing it myself, using OEM parts and Porsche approved oil.

Overall, the car is running well so far.