17th Apr 2015, 00:51


Please answer honestly. After all of these repairs, does investing so much into an old car (knowing you will never get your money back) bother you, or are these Boxsters so good to drive that you can forgive them all their faults?

I've burnt myself a few times with used sports cars, where the fun of owning them went down the drain because of the costs and reliability issues, but I've never owned a Porsche.

I know I should probably buy an S2000 Honda for reliability, and it's also a very fun car, but that lovely Porsche 6-cylinder boxer sound brings warmth to my heart, and I can't get it out of my head :/

20th Apr 2015, 08:46

Hi. Still worth everything. Not sure about the whole world, but the Porsche value seems to last longer than average in Finland (cars in general are very expensive here). When the time comes to sell, my benefit is that I have done good maintenance (shouldn't be too many places to go wrong anymore), and even some upgrades like the block heater + the winter tyres. So, hopefully, gonna get something back, you know. There is a cost for the maintenance, yes, but when done, I'm pretty confident about the reliability, the engine in particular. Just always remember to warm up the engine for a while before hitting the pedal to the metal. I'm pretty sure not too many people remember, or care, to warm up first. It's like muscles, don't push too hard when cold... Well, obviously cars are always about luck too, if your car in particular is a good one, or not, you'll never know, until...

28th Sep 2015, 07:40

It's me again, The Finn. 141000km (87600 miles). Some rattling noise under the engine a couple of weeks ago. Alarming but even sound. The water pump. A new one fixed the problem. Cost a lot of money, ouch, but runs smooth again, as always. Naturally, the coolants had to be replaced too. The Boxster's cooling system capacity is 18 litres, so it takes some time for the air bubbles to disappear from the system. The system swallowed 1-2 litres of coolant per day during the first two days after the fill, and the engine ran a bit higher temperature, let's say 3-4 degrees, the first day. I refilled the coolant tank, waited until the morning, drove a lot the next day, refilled again, and then waited again until the next morning. The coolant tank has stayed full ever since, and the temperature has been OK.

One great thing I think I haven't mentioned so far about this car is that is runs like a train: straight forward in all speeds, no shaking nor left/right pulling whatsoever. These are actually quite rare qualities for any used car, especially old cars with high profile tyres.

27th Jan 2016, 12:43

It's me, the Finn. Jan, 2016. 145 000 km. Water pump replaced, not cheap. Sold the car.

There are no words for how beautiful driving experience a Boxster is. And solid. No erosion, corrosion, wearing, whatsoever, on the brakes, fender areas, the base of the car etc. The exhaust system looked like the car is only 5-7 years old. Just a solid package of a car, vs regular year 2000 cars nowadays. I don't consider any of the maintenance of repairs done a big issue. Despite the low mileage/km, the car was just getting old, 16 years now, and many, so many, parts just wear out over the years.

Don't pay attention to public, ignorant, opinion of Boxsters, whether it's a real Porsche, or not. A Boxster is a Porsche. The sports car feel and the engine roar is just addictive. You'll get an amazing acceleration using the Tiptronic, and the automatic is just superb when overtaking on the highway. And, the convertible top of a Boxster is very solid and warm inside, and the car can be driven in the winter time, easily. Beats the s**t out of any regular from location A to location B car, no matter what the weather is.

2nd Feb 2016, 09:49

...oh, I seemed to repeat myself. The water pump was naturally replaced only once.

3rd Feb 2016, 02:51

Wonderful description.

Costas from Greece.

3rd Aug 2016, 06:16

Glad you liked it.