8th Jan 2002, 05:16

Hmmmm, I was going to buy a used 1998 or 1999 Porsche Boxster in a few months, but after reading all these reviews I dunno if I'm going to be buying a lemon. I like to drive very fast and if this thing has some major flaws like the ones people have described I don't wanna end up dead by the time I'm 20... (I'm 18 this week). Anyhow, thanks for the reviews people...

9th Aug 2002, 21:46

Also believe above driver was at fault.

Having driven my 2000 Boxster nearly 25000 miles, many of these over different mountain roads from Vermont to North Carolina, and often at maximum speed for the terrain, this wonderful car has been truly faultless in road-holding.

Well balanced, ideal power to weight, beautifully engineered suspension and steering that is sensitive, but tough.

However, entering a corner at excessive speed on loose dirt, and then trying to brake your way out of it, is not very smart.

Suggest you get some advanced driver training before you really hurt yourself.


6th Jul 2003, 13:02

I don't suppose the car's owner will agree, but it does sound like driver error. Maybe compounded by gravel on the road, but driver error just the same. The fact that the pickup driver made the turn, and indeed stopped should tell us something, namely that he didn't brake hard and lock a wheel. I agree the ABS would not have locked the wheel up and it is highly unlikely that any mechanical problem would have done. Still, there is a simple test. Was the offending wheel locked after the crash? If not then I would say there was never a problem in the first place. The airbags I assume just didn't get a deceleration signal to set them off, maybe because the deceleration was mostly vertical?

30th Oct 2003, 19:58

Just curious... What did the eye-witness in the Truck say?

30th Oct 2003, 23:32

I TOTALLY agree. I don't understand the point about the pick up being "able" to stop. Were you racing? or did you just finish cutting him off?

Why would you even EXPECT the airbags to go off? You didn't hit anything head on!!! Airbags are just an excuse for people who don't wear seatbelts anyways. Besides, you DID survive, don't blame Porsche just because you can't drive.


18th Jun 2004, 17:40

I also own a 2000 Boxster and have been extremely pleased with the handling. I have almost to a fault been unable to get it to skid or slide out of control and I drive at extreme speeds in mountain terrain. Awesome car, and I would have to say look at driver before blaming the car in any case.


27th Jul 2004, 02:31

Sounds like the guy should learn to drive (and wear his seatbelt).

10th Sep 2009, 09:37

This sounds too much like a story I read about Bill's 944, where he was driving around a corner in a moutainous region and slid off the road. His 944 got hung up in trees and he slid out onto the ground. This just sounds way too familiar. This incident probably never really happened. Porsches are performance cars right out of the box, and has the mechanics to compensate for such maneuvers. Anyone who drives in performance events knows it's a no-no to brake in a turn.

17th Jun 2010, 07:23

You were driving too fast into the corner. Simple as. Don't blame the car.

6th Feb 2011, 19:12

This sound like a tall, tall very tall tale. Too bad you didn't video it, now that I would love to see.

25th Feb 2017, 16:07

Locking one wheel would not cause the rear of the car to skid. Both rear wheels would have to skid for the rear of the car to slide around.