22nd Jun 2009, 19:53

To the GM lover:

When you go Porsche shopping, you don't consider a GM two-seater. In fact, it never even crossed your mind to begin with because you've loved Porsches for as long as you can remember, and you finally want to realize your childhood dream.

When you go Solstice shopping, you don't consider the Porsche because you're looking for cheap thrills. Also, unless your budget is flexible, you've never let yourself consider a Boxster because you perished the belief of ever being capable of owning one a long time ago.

You'll never convince a Ferrari owner to buy a Corvette either. Purchase price and regular upkeep on the Italian Stallion may be astronomical as they will, but it all comes down to the experience. A GM engined product will never sound or feel like a legend that has been years in the making. Therefore the buyers of the two belong in very different categories. We'll leave the filthy rich out of the equation and narrow it down to ordinary people that can afford a weekend fun car, but do still have to make somewhat of an effort for their dollars. One group of buyers makes a purchase based on passion. Their buys represent what they love even if it doesn't make any sense. The other makes an emotional decision and tries to back it up with logic. For example, they will take practicality, price, and fuel economy into the equation.

As you can see, generally speaking, we're talking about two very different classes of not only cars, but also their drivers. Not just because of wallets either. You'll come to learn that some of the most expensive cars are driven by simple folks that live thrifty lives in order to live their passions.

15th Nov 2009, 13:33

I would have to agree that you get what you pay for. It all depends on the customer when it comes to value for the money. There are no real bad cars these days. What one should do is purchase the car that suits their needs best. If someone is happy with a Pontiac, FINE, different strokes for different folks. But you should know the difference between a General Motors Pontiac Solstice/Saturn sky and a Porsche Boxster/Cayman.

I drove a Boxster once. It was a 2006. It was by far one of the best handling cars I ever drove. It had the best manual transmission I had ever touched. The Boxster is a sporty car with lots of class and style. And unlike a Nissan 350Z or 370Z, it's not as easy to get so carried away with speed. The throttle is a whole lot easier to control.

The GM product in comparison is very unreliable and has a lot of mechanical top issues. It makes a lot of noises that are out of place. It also doesn't handle that well according to the reviews.

Do whatever floats your boat. In the U.S. Constitution it says there "Freedom for the pursuit of happiness", it's a given birthright.

23rd Jan 2010, 21:38

I live in Australia and have long desired to own a Porsche Boxster. I had the pleasure of a test drive in Brisbane a couple of years ago and didn't want to give it back. I offered my first born as a deposit, but the dealership wouldn't be in it.

I couldn't afford (or be able to convince my wife) to purchase a new one, but these are becoming more affordable in the second hand market. Hey, I may even own one in the next couple of years if I continue to save, work hard and be a good husband.

The only reservations I have is the expertise in my part of the state to service and maintain one of these beauties.

In my opinion, drivers cars don't get any better than the ones from Porsche AG.

27th Jan 2011, 20:26

I just want to add to this thread. I agree with writer on the GM vs. Boxster. Aside from the technical results, the Porsche is about the experience of the drive, the sensation, how it responds and how it makes you feel. I've only driven the Boxster once, like the poster from Australia, it was a test drive of a 2005. It was my first time in a Porsche and it was a magical 20 minutes. I'm a car guy from the US, NJ and my recent rides include a 99 Mustang GT convertible, 2001 BMW 330ci convertible and currently 2007 Lexus IS 250 X Sport 6spd. I'm looking to trade the Lexus on a Boxster. The Lexus is great, it gets me to work, is fun to drive and gives no issues (like the BMW), but I find I miss the connection and feeling, and financially I might just be able to swing a used Boxster to get back to the ragtop. This is a dream I never thought I would experience. My wife will have to live with it as it's only me commuting now anyway, why do I need 4 doors? So, I agree, it's time, go for it if you want it.