8th Jan 2006, 21:29

I want to ask why you bought it?

Surely performance would be better with a sports car right? Why buy it?

16th Mar 2006, 17:55

Just bought a 2006 Cayenne about 6 weeks ago. Like most drivers of this SUV I was amazed by the handling, braking and even the speed is there for a vehicle of this size. It's a lot of fun to drive and it gets the attention it deserves. I bought this SUV because I have been driving trucks for the better part of 12 years. So what could be more appealing than having the an SUV that preforms like a PORSCHE and the Cayenne certainly does both! No problems to date. Dealer in Miami is THE COLLECTION and are very easy to work with... never been so spoiled at a car dealer in my life!

If you want an SUV that is by design unique in performance, handling and safety with a very respected name.. this is your truck!

20th Mar 2006, 09:26

Hi I just bought a 04 Cayenne V6 3.2 fully equipped.

I can't believe the car it is everything I expected and more. Big, powerful, really sure on the road, a delight to drive.

I live in southern Ireland, there are not too many about. It has a black exterior, with striking good looks and big rear haunches, which make it a real head turner.

As for the sound it makes, it's just fantastic.

I have one small problem, a relay has gone wacko, and I get an intermittent warning light on the air suspension.

But I really don't care, I just love it.

My last SUV was a Merc ML, which was a slow cumbersome truck compared to my new " Porky"

3rd Aug 2006, 16:38

Thinking of getting a V6. But I'm told I should hold out for a V8. I have a 911 - so don't really need the speed. The KN is to cart the kids about. I think a V6 could do the job without going to the bigger V8. Also insurance and fuel is a lot more for the V8!!! Any thoughts.

1st Sep 2006, 14:48

Nooooooooo. Road test the V6 and V8 back to back. Unless you cannot afford the extra running costs the V8 is definitely the one to go for. The air suspension also makes a massive difference.

3rd Dec 2006, 10:27

I'm thinking about buying a 2nd hand 03 Porsche cayenne, but I need some advice.

Is it true that the tires don't last? Is the 3.2 v6 heavy on gas?

Should I look at a 03 or and 04. Thanks in advance