18th Oct 2007, 23:03

I had buy iswara 1.3, before this I only know the car as Saga SE as advertised at the website until I receive the grant.

So, I don't know about the iswara problem. after reading the forum I feel OK because it has only minor problem. One thing in my mind and need opinion from others is should I mantain the services at eon service for a valid 5 years warranty?is it will make the car prices not drop so much if I want to trade in later.

23rd Dec 2007, 06:36

I Drive 1992 SAGA 1.3 Megavalve, Odometer is 280,000 KM,

All spec is standard including 13" steel rim

Fuel consumption around 13.5 - 14 Lit/KM mix driving average 95 KM/H.

I think this car is is good because I never do any top overhaul, the cylinder compression still nice. Aircond part just change last which is just Cooling Coil. I think the usage of DENSO aircond parts is good..

I maintain the car by using only original oil, fuel and air filter. For the engine oil I just stick to 20W-50 types since it is recommended by manufacturer. I only buy engine oil from gas station because I don't trust any oil at spare-part shop because I believe there are still many fake engine oil in market.

16th Jan 2008, 02:47

Well, I am one of the owner of the Iswara SE. I am proud of this car as I has a very stvlish look. But when we talk about quality, just forget it. Why can't Proton make a better car. RM 38,XXX is too expensive for this junk. Plus niw they drop the price to RM 26,999! How much should I sell the old model one!

21st Feb 2008, 21:27

I am also an owner of Proton Iswara 1.3 Manual Aeroback. Bought it since 1999. The car serves me well. Quality wise, the engine is good. Other parts like the interior plastic, body works are not good in quality.

Body works tend to rust even though you take care of it. The rust comes from inside and propagates out. I was told that it is caused by the type of chemical epoxy used by proton to mount the metal to metal underneath the bonnet.

Rain water does leak into the boot. After certain years of use, one can also expect to find some annoying squeeking noise appearing. In my case it comes from the foldable rear seat. Just stuff some sponge at the foldable rear seat locking mechanism and the noise goes away. Spraying WD40 on door joins also helps.

The good thing about this car is, it is a carburetor vehicle and maintenance is much simpler. The main reason I like it so much is I can install NGV (Natural Gas) system on it and runs on cheap fuel (about 6sen per km). It is stable car for NGV installation. Other newer cars have more complicated system (EFI) and installation of NGV sometimes brings a lot of headache before achieving a proper running vehicle.

19th Jul 2008, 22:43

Hello, I am currently using Proton Iswara A/B 1.3. It has been 6 years since I bought it. The car is okay for me as it doesn't give me much trouble. However, of late, there is one problem that always boggles me, that is sometimes when I turn off the engine of my car, the engine comes out a "kong kong kong" sound and it is vibrating before the engine is completely switched off. Then when I try to start my car again, it is very difficult to get the engine started. When the engine is started, I can smell a strong petrol smell comes out from my car. Does anybody here experience this before? Even the mechanics also couldn't tell me what's wrong with my car. It doesn't happen every time when I turn off my engine, it only happens sometimes.

3rd Apr 2009, 06:52

Hi, am from Mauritius. My first car was a Proton Saga of year 1990 and I was very proud of it since I've never got any problems with it. Now I've just bought an Ishwara saloon year 1998 and still am very satisfied with the petrol consumption. sSo for me Proton for is good car for the value for money you get.

7th Aug 2009, 15:10

Been riding on SAGA LMST since march, 2008.

Below are the list of my issue:

1. Right after collecting the car, (fuel cap missing, ask SA to replace a cap for me)

2. Rear cushion not properly aligned (can't lock it properly - Sent to SC, they use the black duct tape and tape it like mummies... :S)

3. Creaking sound when driving over humps.

4. Air-conditioning vents leaking everywhere... Even when you set to forward blow (whatever it called), it still have aircon leaked from foot area, windscreen area. Told SC, they say it's normal to have a little leak.

5. Creaking sound when drive over humps returned, SC rectified the problem by reassemble the whole rear wheel including the spring.

6. Power window switch failed once every aprox 2 months. (DIY repair) As times goes by, the plastic in the switch melted. (I guess due to heat). So the connector will misplaced once a while. Have to open up the switch and align it back. Lazy to deal with SC for such trivial matter and warranty has over.

7. Battery exhausted when the car left idle for only 3 days. Again SC say is normal. :S.

8. Water dripping into cabin from air cond's evaporators. Flooded the cabin. Consult SC, again they say it's normal - When blasting the air conditioning in full speed, it evaporates with the hot air in the cabin. :S.

9. Car electric power now unstable. When open lamp to high beam, radio will die off for a second. Lamp will become weak + radio die off for a second when engine run on low RPM. <650.

So far these are the only problems I faced. Any idea on what's wrong with #8 and #9?

24th Oct 2009, 09:59

Hi, My father just bought me a second-hand P. Iswara, which is manufactured in year 1996. It is a car used in Penang Island. The price is about RM 8k. The problems that I have are:

1. Sometimes, the car has to start a few times.

2. I also hear the sound made by the door, it is like the door is not closed tightly enough.

3. The steering makes the "jit jit" sound when you rotate it.

4. The back compartment of the car is leaking when there are heavy downpours.

5. The petrol gauge and rev meter are not functioning sometimes.

6. The gear has some problems when changing it, it cannot get into its position smoothly, especially second level gear.

7. It get rust on the door only.

Anyway, it is a reliable and affordable car. Love it. Thanks dad. Comparing P. Kenari (my father owns one) and P. Iswara, I like to drive P. Iswara because it is safer in size (as I feel more secure in it), and more stable when turning in high speed. Additionally, I like big car as for me people driving in big cars seem cooler. hihi!

* Power window no problem since I have it.

* Air-con is very cool for me, even daytime.