17th Jan 2011, 10:07

I bought my third car.. a brand new Proton Ishwara sedan 1.3 in March 1997. That's when due to Govt Policy.. "second hand meaning already REGISTERED Proton cost MORE than NEW ONES.. following the Principle.. PROTON (bird) IN HAND is WORTH TWO in the (Bush) Proton Factory!! So my Honda hatchback traded in for ONLY a measly RM 3k, Paid down payment 10K... and installment for 7 years at RM 365!! WHAT A RIP OFF... Now my Proton Ishwara is not worth 8K.. BUT then...

It has never broken down.. never given me any problems.

It has traveled all over Malaysia.. up the Camerons, up Frasers Hill, Maxwell Hill and to Singapore and Kangar and Langkawi. So far done 180,000KM.

Its power windows are original... but the original AC conked out in 2 months.. so replaced.. it's still GOOD after 13 years...

Now the fuel meter is not working, mileage meters not working... brake pump changed, radiator changed, hoses changed. Boot leaks, rear lamps leak, back seat leaks

Creaks heard.. absorbers changed, but creak creak continues..

Steering makes Jit Jit sound when turning.. stops for a few months.. then resumes..

MY NCB is 55% because I never had an accident in my life.. my windscreen never broke (not even scratch)... still the Insurance RIPPED me off by selling only comprehensive insurance and lying that there was no third party insurance...

23rd Aug 2011, 02:07

Hi all, I'm an expat here, and bought a Proton Saga 2000 in March 2009 (being a foreigner, it's hard to get a loan, so had no choice but to go for a 2nd hand car). I must say the car never gave me any trouble. It had the problems of a normal Proton car like a loose dashboard and early morning engine vibrations, but overall it was a gem. Powerful and reliable Mitsubishi engine that never let me down. Had to sell the car for scrap as my wife rammed it into the wall (ouch it hurts!).

Moral of the story, overall the Proton Saga is a dependable car, especially if you cannot afford to go for those expensive Japanese and European cars.

31st May 2015, 21:49

Hi there, the issue is most likely with your cut off solenoid in the carburetor. If it has not been serviced, please service it. The problem should be resolved. If it still persists, then change the part. Should be a cheap fix.

5th Jan 2016, 15:55

Hi bro, regarding the fuel cutoff solenoid for the Iswara, is it the plug and play type of replacement? I think mine is already displaying a problem, the run-on problem.