22nd Jul 2002, 23:47

I've owned the Perdana V6 for about 5 months. So far so good. I compared the Perdana V6 with the Nissan Cefiro Excimo and without a doubt, I made the right choice in purchasing the Perdana. Now the new Camry is out - the 2.4L one. Test drove it and now am wishing to dispose the Perdana which is nothing compared to the Camry.

30th Sep 2002, 20:19

Guys n Gals, go for the Perdana V6. All you need to do is look after as it is your wife/husband and it won't go wrong on you. Also, try to have the absorbers/suspension system changed completely to a better one and go for 17" wheels and ensure you fit in Michelin tires. Then go... go... go...

30th Sep 2002, 20:29

If you have no money to buy a car, please don't waste your limited resources on the Perdana V6... please!!! I own one (not that I don't have money to buy a Camry or a Cefiro or a BMW, but I just wanted to feel whether what they say about the V6 is true... that's it's a superb car). Well, the moment I drove the car out of the showroom, I sighed. I had wished that I had made a left turn into Nissan and purchaased my dream car... cefiro Brougham VIP. That's the ultimate machine with latest technology. Not that that V6 crap with technology as old as 7 years.

18th Nov 2002, 00:07

If you want more power, convert your lame V6 engine to Eterna V6 twin turbo...it's worth it!!

20th Nov 2002, 07:22

I must say, the PERDANA V6 can consider to be the most "smooth-est" car Proton ever produce so far. I have no idea if the suspension were that good compare to the GTI or WAJA which well tuned. Some claims this is an old car, but the idea of a good quality car produce from time to time are either its NEW which has fancy-latest-features insert into it or produce from an old car which new fancy-latest-features insert into it. So either way, it's a new car right? Anyway from my own judgment, the PERDANA V6 has a good engine, but lack of performance and most of all, I had a limited fun playing with it. Let just say it's a car for those who wanted to travel for long distance business and leisure. If you want a car to have fun on, why not find a BMW M3? AUDI S4? Mitsubishi Evolutions? My advise, reconsider again if you want to own this car.

Common problems with this Perdana V6 is disc brakes, quality of the car (come small parts are missing), Over Drives (a feature like sport) which the dealer itself have no idea what is it. Sometimes the AUTO CRUISE is not functioning.

Why this car is so popular? Well, let just say Proton is the most affordable car in Malaysia and the consumers have limited choice to choose from.

3rd Jan 2003, 07:28

I have 2 points to make

1) EON should employ airbags in its Perdanas (if not all models) as standard. In Australia, even the basic model Daihatsu Coure here (equivalent to the Kancils in Malaysia) have driver+passenger side airbags. Mind you the luxury cars such as the Mercedes have 8-10 airbags as standard now.

2) Over here, the Holden Commodores usually takes about 2-3 years before a face lifts and another 2 years before a whole model re-design. EON should take heed and follow the trends to be competitive nationally and internationally.

7th Mar 2003, 03:40

I owned a Perdana V6 3 months ago, it is going smooth and I consider it as a worth with a 100k+ value. I love the engine so much, and I would make some modification to it to cover those small little problems. By the way, I need some advise on what spring and absorber would be good for this perdana. I guess the automative engineer should be able to help. Thanks!

28th Mar 2003, 20:49

Well I have been with my PV6 for 2 1/2 years now, and the mileage has clocked 99k. The car is so far so good and nothing should be complained about with such a price. With such a price you can't expect more. After all, if you need a superb car that you don't have anything to complain about, then opt for a beemer or merc!bare in mind, money does matter!

3rd Apr 2003, 02:49

I saw some of the Perdana with Merc Amg spoiler, looks really cool! Does anyone know where to get one?

19th Apr 2003, 01:53

I bought a Perdana V6 00/01 recently. I found the car's performance so far so good. However, I think that I've found some problems with the car's gearbox recently. Firstly, when I started to accelerate from idle position, I would feel a great "shock/jerk" - it seems like someone engaging into first gear with the accelerator pedal pressed. Secondly, I also feel a great "shock/jerk" whenever I slowly brought my V6 to stop, for instance, at traffic light junction - it seems like someone stop a manual transmission car without pressing the clutch pedal together with brake pedal. Doesn't it sound a bit strange?

I hope someone here is kind enough to give me some words of advice. Thanks in advance.

2nd May 2003, 19:35

OK guys (& gals?)...I've been driving a V6 for the last 2+ yrs, got it new (it's a company car). It was great for the first year, then the "rattles" came in. I however had the front tyres changed recently together with 100k kms major service job and guess what? the car regained most of its "composure", the ride improved substantially and I'm enjoying driving it again! Does anybody experience the same and care to add comment to this?

Having said that, I also have a friend who bought a brand new V6 only to run into endless series of problems (some big, some small, but I assure u, all horribly annoying).

My point is, I get the impression that Proton is still struggling with Quality Assurance issues. Like it or not we may have to concur with the BMW X5 guy in this aspect (though I seriously think he's one very, very desperate underachieving Beemer salesman?!).

Perhaps if any of you from Proton reads this, why don't you.

1. implement a scholarship plan for potential undergraduates in the field of automotive design and engineering, later on employing these people to spearhead your R&D and operations activities etc..

2. implement a quality system (could be ISO9001:2000 but not necessarily so) to be championed by all in the top management team. Top mgmt support is crucial, 'cos if top mgmt only pay lip service to this, you might as well spend the money on something else (or close shop altogether, come to think of it!)

Good luck with AFTA, Proton.

15th May 2003, 12:20

Hi there,

I bought my Perdana V6 2 1/2 years ago. Since then, I've never stop sending my "baby" to EON Service Centre for "rectification" (major & minor)!

Forget about the minor problems that used to appear on Proton cars, the major problem is the GEAR BOX!

After about 3 weeks I drove the car, I found that the gearbox having problems (Just like a gentlemen/lady mentioned at this website not long ago). When the car was changing gear (from Low to High / High to Low) the problems will appear intermittently. I did highlight this to EON every time when I send my car for service, but always... they will said : "No problem with the gearbox!"

Recently, my car was break-down in front of a Traffic Light & I spend RM4,000.00 to change my gearbox (re-cond). According to the mechanic, the gearbox was "gone" since the 1st day I bought the car & I'm not the 1st one! What a joke...!

My advise to all the Perdana V6 owner: "Insist on changing the gearbox when you have this problem during the warranty period".

BTW, I'm changing to a Nissan Cefiro soon! Bye...