18th May 2003, 10:10

I own a Perdana V6 for almost 4 years now and have done some 110,000km with it. So far I have a mixture of love/hate feelings about it.

The smoothness of the 6 cylinder engine, ABS, space and booth size are some of the good features about the car. It is reliable and the cost of maintenance is also reasonable.

However I would never appreciate the fuzzy logic transmission system. If driven easy it is quite OK, but if pushing it hard then I would think the transmission is no longer ‘logical’. Gear occurs with a thud (as if the gear just dropped in at full throttle) and often with certain time delay. It is sluggish I might say. It is more obvious when driven at low speed (20 – 60km/hr), slopes, junctions when frequent gear shift is required.

Another weakness is the suspension. It seems the dampers and springs are not really tuned to the right setting. The car wobbles too much at the back and sinks down too fast over bumps – don’t quite feel the cushion effect. The rear dampers wear off faster than the front ones. I’d tried Monrole, but they are just too stiff. I would welcome suggestions to improve it. I might say that many smaller cars can perform better in this area (e.g. Altis, Civic, Sentra and even Waja).

The Perdana is my 3rd Proton car and soon I will be considering changing it. I hope Proton can make improvement in these areas fast before I choose others.

22nd May 2003, 00:34

I'd like to add my two sens worth of comments here. Not exactly to do with perdana V6, though I am driving one now. It is more to do with the issue of upgrading as some of you fellas (or sheilas) indicated in your earlier comments. Remember AFTA? Remember also EON created Euro Mobil to distribute Audi/VW cars? Why do you think they did that? Well, one school of thought is saying that EON (@Euro Mobil) will take advantage of VW's strong position in China and push VW cars here come 2005 (and AFTA).

I can tell you this, I happen to also have experience driving an Audi (part of VW group) and I confirm as correct all the critics talk about the fabulous finish, workmanship and ergonomics. VW BTW is not too far off an AUDI, just look at the PASSAT. The only thing about VW is its price which is a dead turn-off (now) except for die-hards.

However, imagine with the tax issue removed by AFTA and Euro Mobil dishing out the mouth watering VW models, I'd say if I can afford to wait for AFTA, that's exactly what I'll do and I should be upgrading my perdana to a Passat then! (A Phaeton may be to far fetched though...)

Any comments?

27th May 2003, 01:15

I am having 2 proton cars now. Proton Iswara for my wife, Proton Putra for me. As I have friends and relatives driving Perdana V6..and they were also mentioned about their problems... gearbox was the major problem. Very scary problem for those who wants to buy a second hand V6. I have my own perception on this car. The looks are impressive... value for money. In terms of ride and handling, it is average.. probably similar to Waja. Engine is smooth. But in terms of speed and acceleration... my 1.8 DOHC Putra is much much better and more oomph. Better reliability. Hopefully Proton would come out with new model soon. As myself, most of other peoples are already tired of looking at an outdated shapes on street. Hope to have better income to buy my dream car... Nissan Skyline GTR.

31st May 2003, 11:47

Well actually I m a die hard fan of Honda's car, I own civic EG-9 and Accord 2.2 v-tech previously... but now I m driving a V-6 for almost 2 years. So far I can say that Perdana is a good car if not better then accord... but there are some problems with the car which I think Proton should take it seriously... built quality and quality control. Just compare with Korean car like Hyundai Sonata... i think Proton is far behind... just imagine paper cardboard is being use as roof insulation and behind rear seat... well perdana's owner you can check your car just to make sure if I m wrong. But don't compare with Waja in term of handling and perfomance because V6 is much better. Engine is very smooth and sound great at certain RPM even better then my accord v-tech.I can say that this car is great in term of overall perfomance and very comfortable.

27th Jun 2003, 07:50

I'm thinking of buying a 1999 secondhand V6. The price is about 68K. Do you think its worthy? Please give some advice.

30th Jun 2003, 00:21

Any idea what's the best spring/damper combination for a softer ride while cruising? A mechanic told me that there are customize absorbers which can lower the car down with original spring??? And claimed that handling is better?? Please comment.

2nd Jul 2003, 02:55

Listen folks, a Perdana is the number one choice if you're looking for a second hand car. It's incredible value, you can get a 2.0sei for less than 50k.

Now try buying a second-hand Honda, Toyota or Nissan for 50k.

And to all those rich people out there, stick to your Beemers and Mercs. Leave us Perdana drivers in peace.

25th Jul 2003, 05:19

The new perdana v6 is the same as the old one.

16th Aug 2003, 17:22

If you not satisfied with your PV6 gearbox during the warranty period, insisted to get it overhaul at EON Glemarie (HQ) and not other service centre. Cost you nothing as mine was done recently after clocking 39,000kms. I am satisfied with the job done. Further, change your gearbox oil every 20,000kms eventhough the stipulated changing interval is 40,000kms if want your Pv6 gearbox to last longer.

14th Nov 2003, 00:07

My car's paint was destroyed after the acid rain.

L got it fixed at proton dealer for rm 300.

L want to change the suspension to new v6 suspension. Any comments?

1st Dec 2003, 08:49

Can anybody tell me? How come the maximum speed of my Perdana V6 00/01 is only 180-190 instead of 205KM/H? Is it the 17' sport rim problem, HKS filter problem or Macro Ekzos problem? And I just overhaul my gearbox last week, please advise if anybody familiar with this problem...

4th Dec 2003, 07:12

I'm driving a PV6 year 2000.I bought it somewhere 5 months ago. At the moment I'm experiencing the same gear box problem most of the people over here face. Can anyone suggest what to do with the 'knocking' effect? Can the gear box be repaired and do anyone have the experience of doing so let me know the cost? My mechanic said the first step is to flush the gear box oil using an equipment whereby 10 litres of gear oil required. Did anyone favoured from the flushing? Please help. Some mechanics even say I have to use it till it gets spoilt completely..Funny.

18th Apr 2004, 05:51

Drive new perdana v6 exactly like drive the old one. I having the problem of gearbox after 2 weeks bought it and no respond from proton edar. I'm very frustrated. My sincere advice thinks twice before buy perdana V6.

18th Aug 2004, 09:42

I simply adores the Perdana V6 when it was first launched. So I got myself one since 2001 and the car was perfect then. Three years later, parts of the car are becoming loose with noise everywhere eg. car seats are rattling and the leather is getting harder. Lately, I suspect the suspension has worn out the car is wobbling when traveling at 80 kph. No intention to dispose the car at this juncture, but would appreciate an advice as to how I can make good of the car that I'm having.