22nd Jun 2009, 08:43

Hi everybody, I just bought second hand V6 yr 2003...

Hmm, what I can say... I like the comfort of riding in it.. only as usual with a secondhand car, sure there are things to change and maintain it. So far I hsd changes, 4 new tyres, 4 new absorbers, change full set of timing belt and valve seal... so far so good...

Gear box seem to be OK... well anyway I am planning to change it to manual...

2nd Jul 2009, 23:16

Bought the V6 in 2003. Among the first to get the new facelift.

So far it serves me well. Even though I should say that I didn't take it for regular check up. But it never gives me problem and headache. Until recently, it started when the drive shaft CV joints cover torn. Drains out all the grease inside. My mechanic opened and inspected and assured me that it is still okay. He just re-grease it and put a new cover. I was happy, nothing to complaint until few weeks later. It started to produce clicking sound and the car feels like that it was hopping. The kind of sound when your drive shaft is broken.

Bought it back to my mechanic and he said that the drive shaft is OK. So he changed all the arms of the front wheels. Feels okay for a while, then in the afternoon it came back.

Does anyone out there has any idea what or where to look for the problem?

14th Aug 2009, 20:49

Hi all.

My PV6 from2004 never gave me any problem at all. Speedo meter at 99k and I've installed a gearbox cooler from a Mitsubishi Eterna (reconditioned) when it was at 70k. So far I never failed to replace the gearbox oil every 20k. Gearbox filter was replaced every 40km (it caused me RM145 for the original one) The gear transmission is so smooth.

My tips to protect your gearbox are.. every time you get caught it traffic jam, start use your OD on. Only when you are driving above 50km then only you get back to OD off (normal).

I used to drive fast when on highway. It's a powerful car and I love the V6 sounds.

26th Aug 2009, 09:33

Hi guys... I've been using a Perdana 96 SEi for more than 1 year... so far no any problems... I've just change my tail lamps few times... it's not a V6, but I think it runs better than a V6...

When I bought this car, the mileage was 320K.. but still no any gearbox problem or engine problem...

I bought it for 38K and it was really worth it for this price... last year I had Camry 2.4; it was rubbish... spare parts were very expensive, and also the engine started to make blue smoke very soon... I think the Perdana is even better than the Camry...

But those who says the gearbox has got problems, I should say it depends on how you drive the car bro... my car last owner was very good.. Also he used the car too much to travel to Penang for 10 years.. but he didn't change any engine or gearbox becoz he drives well... but those who got problem with absorbers engine or gearbox I gotta say... bro, the Perdana is VIP style car.. it's not for racing or drifting... if you drive your Perdana like a limousine, I promise you nothing will happen... thnx guys.

7th Sep 2009, 03:39

Just share some hints for those have gearbox jerk experiences. If you encounter jerking problems, even though you had changed your ATF or overhauled the gearbox. Last things to check is TCU, check whether there is any error code?

One of the most common failure electronic parts that can cause gearbox jerk when shifting is the speed sensor, the sensor is provide speed readings to TCU to accommodate appropriate shifting. Continuing to ignore this can cause gearbox damage permanently.

25th Sep 2009, 10:29

To those who have this gear box problem. Please try to look for a Mitsubishi RVR Evo gear box (auto). It is a heavy duty gear box used for 4wheel drive and costs around RM1500.

1st Dec 2009, 17:34

I just bought a Perdana SEI (A) 1996 model 3 weeks ago for RM18.8K. It was owned by 1 owner for 9 years. The only repairs to date was to replace the air conditioning vents (1 set consisting of 3pcs, wood veneer design) at a costs of RM380.00 from PH Auto (PJ) as almost all the Proton SC do not have the complete set or only have parts of it.

Last week the starter motor failed on me and the mechanic ran a bypass using a relay switch and it was solved (RM45). The console lights are brighter (symptoms prior were dim lights). The pickup and acceleration for a 2.0 litre SOHC car is commendable. Fuel consumption for RM50 was 270km from almost empty to when the fuel empty light came on. Now on my second RM50 and still observing the FC.

Next to replace is the old reverse sensor for the SEI model, which the spare part shop quoted at RM130-RM140 per piece. Since the dealer did changed the ATF and filter prior to my purchase, I am tempted to replace the ATF to ensure that the original SPIII ATF oil was used (RM22 per 1 litre bottle).

Acceleration has a slight vibration, which I deduced from forum members comment is from a faulty drive shaft (RM150 per piece). Am also preparing to change the timing belt (MMC) whole set including bearings at RM380.

Later will need to replace 1 or 2 LED on the console panel around RM10 per piece, I believe). Overall other than the nasty incident of a failed Starter Motor, the car has been pure joy. Only complained is the car paint, which is white and have to wash and wipe almost every other day since it is rainy these few weeks (November-December). My decision to purchase a 95-96 was due to the price of the car (comfortable, affordable, japanese tech - at least for this batch which is mostly japanese tech compared to later model). When I test drove the car, I tested the gear box by occasionally had accelerating to determine the response time of the gearbox if not too much lag then means still good. Previous rides include, Accord 2.0 A (SM3), Telstar 2.0 A (V6), 406 A 2.0, Wira 1.3 (M).

So far so good, no regrets,..

3rd Jan 2010, 20:43

Hi folks...

I'm a PV6 lover..

I bought a second hand PV6 year 2000, last year, in August.

I enjoyed the driving, the speed, the comfort, it's so indescribable. And now I'm having a difficult time with my car. Seeking advice from you people. Currently I found my transmission oil leaking. And some noises coming once after I start my car. So, what would you guys advise on this situation? Since, I believe you all are well experienced with the PV6.

Thanks for your kind reply and advice..

-PVR6 Owner-

24th Jan 2010, 09:08

My enhanced version of 2003 V6 is facing high temperature while in static position, however the temp will go back to normal (half) while moving. I had changed the host, thermostat and had the radiator serviced (4 months ago). Is there any possibility that the radiator need to be serviced again? Need ideas from the OTAI.