18th Jan 2006, 01:15

I'm currently a small car user. I'm planning to buy a 2nd-hand new model perdana V6, of year 2003. Anyway, I heard a lot of negative comments about the gear box of this car. Is it true? Anyone out there, kindly give your comments and experience.

18th Jan 2006, 08:11

Who can tell me year 2006 perdana v6 top speed n what the major problem.

31st Jul 2006, 02:32

I want to buy 1995 perdana 2nd hand auto anybody can give me any advice its good to buy or not?the price is rm29K.ASAP.

11th Aug 2008, 00:24

You should accept an authentic comment... though it sounds bad, but it helps PROTON to improve the future model of Proton Perdana V6. I just sent my Proton Perdana V6 for repair, because of jerking... and one sudden break jam - technician told me - gear box faulty, third gear not functioning - it keeps me wondering... it is still under 5 years - I don't drive the car every day (to save cost on toll and fuel)...only when needed and long distance travel... it costs me about RM 14,000 for the repair...? How could it be...? Now I begin to agree with Dato' Ahmad Said... very very costly... I consider it as manufacturer's defect... weakness during the manufacturing/assembling of the car and I have to pay for it... most probably no quality control... don't you thing that it is too much? All my friends consider it very expensive... do you agree with them? Proton Perdana V6 what a mistaken buy?

19th Aug 2008, 01:53

The gearbox problem is very, very common on all Perdana V6's.I think the threshold is around 60,000km or 3 years, whichever comes first. A few Perdana owners have dodged the bullet and driving 100,000km++ and still on original gearbox, but those owners should thank their lucky stars. Most of us are not that fortunate. Almost all my friends who owned Perdana V6s have reported problems with the gearbox. Some chose to fix it, some just sold their cars off real cheap.

As for the RM14,000 cost of repairing, I think that is way too steep. Your mechanic must've noobed you. The cost for the gearbox fix is around RM3,000 to RM5,000 depending on whether you buy used gearbox, recon, or overhaul.

21st Aug 2008, 03:45

Ermmmm.. hello all..

I would like to ask any of you guys. Is there any other gearbox model that could fix in the PERDANA V6. If yes, what is the Brand, Model, Price? and most importantly, can JPJ give approval of endorsement for it? It seems like I don't like our JPJ policies which prohibit owners to change engine and gearbox. We are the citizens of malaysia that support national cars. Instead, we're the guys whom gets the problems and problems and problems and problems with these so call PROTON CARS. Why those JPJ added-up our misery, we just try to solve our problems. that's all folks.

17th Dec 2008, 08:42

The problem is V6 model..

The old Perdana OK, SEi model...

Gear box problems not the main issue on the old Perdana.

I suggest, buy an old Perdana and convert the body to V6.. NICE.

27th Dec 2008, 06:08

I was curious about the transmission problem. What sort of problem did the owners of V6s face?

23rd May 2009, 09:27

Is it true the V6 has got more gearbox problems, but the SEi model gearbox no problem?

How come? Then what is the common problem of SEi 06-07 models?

Any broder can comment and share?

24th May 2010, 21:41

The Perdana SEI (in Malaysia, Proton refers to this model as S4 - which is SOHC, 4 cylinder) has only 16 valves compared to a V6 model, which has 24 valves (DOHC, 6 Cylinder).

All things equal, the auto tranny will last longer for a SEI model (or the older variant, the GL model; Mitsubishi GB model F4A222NPF) due to the lower speed at which the engine speed/power transferred to the tranny.

I was told that most V6 models including the Perdana V6 (Mitsubishi GB model F4A232) might also experience problems with the tranny if driven hard. In Malaysia, the hot weather can be unforgiving to the auto tranny if not properly ventilated.

Nevertheless, all this is assuming that the ATF cooler box is installed and the tranny is new and without fault if compared side by side. Buying a used car, whether SEI or V6 model is after all an issue of inherent risk from the last owner, the quality of care of which is debatable.

Nevertheless, the Perdana is actually based on the aging Mitsubishi Eterna/Galant, which when launched in early 90s was also not without its defects.

3rd Mar 2012, 20:03

Mine was 2007 Perdana V6 without ATF cooler. The engine is perfect, but yes I have little problem with the tranny, though it survived until now at 200,000++KM. Yes, 200000++KM without replacement. My advice is as follows:

1) Replace ATF as per schedule and only Proton ATF.

2) Add an ATF Cooler if you don't have one - cost only RM 300 only. An ATF cooler is important to keep the oil no more than 90 Celsius. Anything above will spoil the oil properties and will kill the circuit inside, hence shorten the tranny life.

3) Going down hill, switch ON your HOLD button to avoid down shift. But switch OFF your HOLD button when you are just about to complete stop i.e. nearing toll gate for example. No jerking.

4) If you are experiencing 3rd to 4th gear shift problem in the morning, please check your thermostat or the thermostat sensor. Replace if needed. A thermostat is cheap.

Mind you I am fast driver and long distance. I spoke to some of the KL Limo, the engine last more than 750K KM without overhaul, and 3 times changing the tranny. So that is around 250K KM and cost around RM 2000-2500 each. It is not bad.

All in all, it is value for money with fuel consumption around 11KM/litre.

What else can I ask for more? You take care of any car, and she will take care of you.


16th Nov 2012, 02:24

I have Perdana V6 year 2006. Since I bought it, it has been giving me problems. I have changed the gearbox, and now after 2 years, the gearbox is giving me another problem.

My advice to all of you: Stay away from buying a Perdana V6... it's not worth your money.

11th Jun 2014, 09:41

Hi there... I'm planning to buy a 1997 SOHC engine with a VR4 gearbox... with very a nice body, but broken A/C ventilation and no cover for the gear console. It also has some 4 years left of CCM worth RM360. Is it worth it to get? I have surveyed the parts... it will cost me no more than 2.5k... if there's no more damage on the engine bay or anything else. Please advise. Thanks.

2nd Dec 2015, 04:02

I have a Perdana V6 year 2005. I seldom drive it due to petrol issues, my mileage is around 49k until today 2015. But recently I've been having a low power problem and jerking problems. Anyone out there to help? The plugs cost me RM66 x 6 and the gasket needed to be changed because I changed to new plugs. It cost me around 1k. That's crazy, lots of mechanics really don't want to repair this kind of model. Mine is a full spec leather V6. Now I wanted to sell it and so it brings me a headache. Only can sell for 18k (90%) losses. What a failure to Proton. No value at all.

Please help me out, I'm in Sarawak, everything here is a bit high for the parts.

2nd Dec 2015, 21:40

Hi guys. I have a Perdana V6 year 01, and face a lot of problems with the gearbox. Recently I decided to change the gearbox to manual... and my mechanic advised me to change it to GB code 222 (1.8). What is your input on this?

24th Feb 2016, 15:01

Hi guys.

I have a Perdana V6 1997 with an automatic transmission. But my gearbox doesn't work when my car is cold; for example in the morning or if I park my car for a while and water temperature goes down, I have to turn on the engine for at least 10 minutes until my gearbox works and I can move my car.

I have this situation only in D and my reverse works perfectly...

If anyone knows what is the problem, please help me.