1992 Proton Saga GLX 1.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Good cheap car, but don't think would be too good at higher mileages


Nothing, but replaced most things like spark plugs and full service, because it has had one previous owner, and had been sitting for most of its life.

General Comments:

Pretty good car. Am actually happy with it. You can tell it is an old Mitsy with the interior etc, and was built to a price, but quite comfy, not a handler, and not bad amount of power. I do miss my upper end power that my old Honda had.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2011

11th Aug 2011, 22:07

I am the original reviewer, and have encountered some electrical problems since I purchased the car, such as central locking window jamming down and the other electric one falling down.

I seem to get less mileage per tank each week; the best I have had is 482km on a tank. My old Honda got 55 km plus.

The proton has given some starting issues every now and then. Great fun when I was stopped at a police breath test and failed to start again. Despite taking my car to my mechanic, they cannot find out why it is doing this. Have just had a full service and tune up, so hopefully this may fix it.

I have now accomplished 48200km in the Proton and am not enjoying it. If this vehicle continues to give problems, I will sell it and buy another Honda, cos they are brilliant.

16th Nov 2016, 14:26

I beg to differ. I'm am still driving my late father's Proton Saga 1.3 megavalve. Mind you I do have 2 Mercedes, an Alfa Romeo and a Perodua Myvi in my garage, but I always end up driving the Proton Saga whenever I'm fetching my youngest son from school, when I'm running errands and when going to the grocery shop. I simply adore driving this car that some might call "junk"... But it's cheap to maintain and is not a gas guzzler... It's a work horse!

1992 Proton Saga Megavalve 1.3 saloon from Malaysia


Damn, I miss you!!


Power window, rear back window problem, battery problem, air condition, rust after 10 years of usage.

Fuel gauge 'dead' Fuel consumption rises due to the engine not maintained.

Suspension problem, central locking.

General Comments:

I am wondering why this car is so tough. Despite the air conditioning, power window and battery problems, it never caused me problems.

I never encountered transmission problems or electrical problems since the day I acquired it. I never took care of it and always abandoned him after I got a new car. Parked it outside my house and seldom started it, but it never failed to start.

Used this car to go on a bad off road route to go to my orchard, but it never caused problems. Hardly serviced, no maintenance at all (once a year) but the engine never broke down.

Rough driving, long distance drives, but never failed to reach the destination (200km) every week to visit my friends. (Chaiyok!!)

This car (RM29k) is better than my recent car, a KIA Spectra (RM80k).

I was wondering why the cassette player never broke down compared to my KIA CD player.

I did wreck this car once by hitting another Megavalve. It was a bad accident but it still could move although the radiator already leaked (I don't need the towing car and managed to send the car to the workshop.

This is the best car produced by PROTON, despite hearing so many problems encountered by Proton owners. I was so damn stupid to let go this car. This is my biggest mistake by giving this car to a friend.

Enjoyed driving it since my dad give it to me until I managed to buy my own car. Really miss you QKA5450.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2008

21st Jan 2009, 09:05

I am the original writer of this owner, planning to buy this model (AT trans) because love this model so much. Finish the installment of my Kia Spectra and bought a Nissan Latio Sport.. although it has more gadgets, but still be the SAGA enthusiasts. Will keep the future SAGA and really regret selling it before.