18th Nov 2009, 22:41

Can anyone tell me if the 1992 Proton Saga 1.5l is RWD or FWD? Thanks.

1st Apr 2010, 11:11

I own a 1995 1.3 SAGA, and have owned other brands as well. And I'm passing this SAGA to my son. Damn good car, I'm in the sales line and really use the car hard. Although it has issues like handling at high speed (120km/h) above, maybe due to the weak frame and rust (oh you have to scrape all those glue from inside the body panels as those nasty things are the cause of rust, am still wondering why PROTON uses this crap), but other than that, it is still running hard after two engine overhauls. Hated it at first, but soon learn of its reliability later, and my son will soon learn to drive it.

Replacement parts are plenty, whether originals or good fakes; still works well with it.

Mileage issues is not a problem at 17.3 sen per KM due to my wife's lead foot, but I manage to get 15 sen on my rounds. (1.80 per litre RON95)

Oh and about running RON95 on it, well, I reduce the main timing bit by bit by feel, so now it doesn't knock :)

In the end, I still feel this must be a Mitsubishi though...

11th May 2010, 11:49

I also have a Saga as well, it's a 1992 Saga 1.5 auto, although it's already an 18 year old car, but the electric spec like power windows, electric side mirror, cassette player, power steering, headlight warning buzzer (never change/repair) since new car.. and top speed still can achieve 160km/h easily, powerful..

But the bad thing of this car is the body rust (after 10++ years, body rusted and got a hole), and a meter problem (mileage counter, temp, fuel gauge malfunction)... overall, it's still a good and reliable car for me compared to my another Proton Waja, which is a problematic car..

14th Dec 2010, 09:42

I bought 1st hand SAGA 1.3 Sedan on Feb 1997, still driving it till today. Given a coat of paint 4 years ago. No rust, and everything is working fine. Overhauled the upper part engine 1 year ago. Wanted to buy a new car, but difficult to let go of the SAGA because it hardly gives me any major problems. Maintenance is cheap. Mileage is still good. I guess I will just keep it for another few years.

14th Dec 2010, 12:06

Please don't sell it. Transfer that car to your son. It is a reliable car and you will feel regret by selling it. Just like what I feel now. :(

30th Dec 2010, 07:24


A very reliable car. I owned one since 1992 till now. Just done the top overhaul 6 years ago.

27th Mar 2011, 02:06

I love my Saga 92 so much.. did some modifications.. drive it hard.. still keeps going..

A reliable car.. going to pass it to my child someday..

16th Jan 2012, 07:02

Front wheel drive... Mitsubishi 4G13 (1.3) or 4G15 (1.5).

31st Aug 2012, 05:48

I have a Saga 91 1.5 Megavalve. Just blew my power steering pump yesterday... drove it too hard.

It has a lot of problems, but I ain't letting this baby go... awesome car.

The power for a 21 year old car is amazing; easily tops 180km/h... due to the exhaust kit... hehe.

24th Feb 2013, 08:58

Saga special edition 2003. Clicked over 340k km mileage. Guess what... never overhauled the engine before. My secret?? Regular service. That's it :)