25th May 2001, 21:20

It's one hell of a car!!! :) really good at cornering...I also drive a GTi and I intend to keep it with me as long as possible... great body kit... I like them best... the best car so far from proton...

25th Jul 2001, 18:34

Supercharged?!? The Proton Satria comes with a souped up 1.8 (Mitsubishi Lancer) engine. Mate, you need to learn what a supercharger is before you add it to your engine specs. By the way, the GTI Satria is no big deal; a popular Australian magazine dragged this car against a STOCK STANDARD Corrola and the Corrola blew away the GTI. This car's power output only sounds good on paper, but in practice it's a bit of a nugget due to its quite large weight (for a small car that is). Looks good though...

24th Sep 2001, 12:49

That Malysian guy wrote: "I went on to transplant into the GTi a Mitsubishi Lancer GSR 1.8 turbo engine". So he meant that he ADDED the turbo engine! Maybe you should learn to read properly.

27th Sep 2001, 05:37

Well, I am a salesman for Proton's in th UK. I have to say, when the GTi was first tested down at Bristol they put a Turbo Charger on the 1.8 DOHC engine. This boosted the car to 178bhp - quite a big increase I think you'd agree. The problem was that after three laps round the test circuit it was necessary to replace the front tyres - and the dashboard melted from the outside in. Needless to say Proton UK did away with that idea.

As far as the car drives - who ever wrote the article about a Corrolla beating the GTi was talking rubbish. I read that report and that was certainly not the case! The GTi's handling is second to none, trust me, I driven loads of them! The Lotus handling is superb - the car drives like it's on rails.

Oh, and by the way, they're also very strong when up against a telegraph pole... trust me.

17th Oct 2001, 03:35

Raced and got beat by a stock standard Corolla? Yeah right!

I've got a GTi and they're so far ahead of Corollas the light doesn't even reach 'em.

17th Jan 2002, 21:51

In UK they do have bolt on supercharger kit for GTI's, not sure about the brand name though. The EVO megazine gave the GTI 4 star out of 5. Max Power megazine which is a totally crazy about tuned cars also rated it highly. So to the person who says Corolla can beat the GTI, get your facts straight.

7th Feb 2002, 20:52

Stock Corolla beat a GTI? A Civic perhaps... a Corolla never.

It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.

26th Feb 2002, 02:41

I also read the article in question and can assure you all that the Corolla (Levin model) did beat the GTI, all be it by about 0.5 of a sec. I myself own a GTI and was not overly impressed when I discovered that although it sounds like you're doing 0-100 at Protons claimed 7.8sec, it is really more like 9.6sec which really isn't very impressive.

As for the comment that the turbo caused the dash to melt? What's that all about? I must also add that I love the handling, even if I can only get 20000kms from a set of tyres.

11th Jun 2002, 07:14

For a 11-year-old base design (the Mirage hatch), Proton have done a half decent job pasting together, with plastic surgery and some nip and tucks, what is essentially the automotive equivalent of an average looking woman all doll-ed up and dressed in a small, tight-fitting top and micro mini skirt. :)

But seriously, it ain't half bad. For a 11 year old design.

19th Jun 2002, 10:48

First and foremost, I think those with negative comments on the GTI should a. Drive one, B. Drive one and C. Drive one... Sure there are shortcomings with every product you buy, but to go off on a tangent and try to tarnish what proton has achieved is simply a waste of time boys. I'm beginning to feel that these folks have the aim of boycotting proton as it might put their suped up ford and what-have-you in their places one day.

Mate, with £13000, I dare you to find something that handles as well, with the same goodies that the GTI came with... let me know when you're ready to race...


16th Jul 2002, 03:54

I have read most of the comments. Some are condemning and some are supporting. Whatever these people have to say, driving a Satria GTi is an experience anybody would crave for. For the price of 13000 pounds, no other brand could beat the superb razor sharp handling and quite nice interiors. Try drive one today and definitely you'll agree with me and others who have tested the humble GTi!

16th Jul 2002, 08:42

Less than £13000 will buy a Seat Ibiza Cupra, 1.8 20valve turbo 156bhp, more toys, better interior.

22nd Aug 2002, 07:09

Or even a 106 gti with a big chunk of change.

It won't just leave the proton in the bends, it'll roast one one the straights as well.

11th Sep 2002, 01:49

A good overall car for money to performance ratio.

6th Oct 2002, 13:13

A Civic 1.8 VTI (169 BHP) will leave all this tin pot junk standing.

I must admit though, when I first saw the Proton I did find out what they were and test drove one.

Handles well, but the speed is not all they claim. Reminded me of the look, feel and speed of the 1.7 Puma.

Nasty looking interior though with loads of cheap moulded grey ABS, and those two exhausts look stooooopid.

18th Nov 2002, 00:22

Ahaks...you are right mate, the twin pipe exhaust does look stupid. Here in Malaysia, most of the Gti's owner changed their exhaust system to the better one for example the straight flow exhaust system. Some of them even changed the engine to more powerful engine such as 1.8gsr turbo or Evo3 engine. By the Way, I saw many times Gti got whacked by B16A civic or even the 1.6 mivec.

19th Nov 2002, 10:09

I purchased a GTI 3 weeks ago, and am content with the overall package. I decided to pay approximately AU$1,500 extra for a limited edition, and the leather interior adds a sharp finish. I realise the performance (ie. 0-100kms in 7.8secs etc.) isn't as great as Proton claim, however it offers me a little more power than my old 92 Hyundai Excel, wouldn't you say? One of the main reasons behind choosing this particular model was that there aren't many GTIs on Australian roads, and it offered me a unique alternative to the more common Lancer, Pulsar, Astra, and Civic models on the market.

A few minor issues I have noted since purchasing the car includes: a tendency for the dash to rattle (a crackling noise) in day conditions, which can be very frustrating, and a squeaking (spring related) noise coming from the driver's seat. However, these may be related to only my vehicle. Also, the transmission isn't as smooth as I would have expected. I have found it is difficult to change gears with ease on some occasions. Be aware of this when test driving this particular model.

With that said, I am still satisfied with the overall deal. Especially, considering my previous car.

12th Dec 2002, 21:32

I've been eying the Gti for some time now. I've heard mixed reviews about its maintenance cost. Can you guys give me a guage as to how much roughly is the yearly maintenance cost of the Gti?