10th Feb 2003, 16:55

I have owned a Satria GTI since August of last year. I paid just under £10,000 for an ex demo car with 5,000 mile on the clock, which I thought was a bargain. the car now has almost 15,000 miles on it and it feels better now than the day I bought it. It is totally unmodified, but soon to change that with the installation of a free flow exhaust and induction kit. It needs a little more power. One guy asks about service costs, well, the service interval is 9000 miles and Proton dealers have a menu priced system for each interval. If I can remember, 9000 mile service is £90, 18000 mile is £150, 27000 mile service is £240 then it goes back to £90...

I should have the mods done within the next month or two, so I'll keep you posted.

15th Feb 2003, 22:46

Proton Satria's are not all that fast, an old Corona with a 2S engine (2L-carby) can beat these things. The corolla vs. satria comment would clearly be true.

26th Feb 2003, 03:00

It's stupid to compare the Gti with turbos. Have you seen a stroked 2 litre gti with turbo and 164KW at the wheels lately? I have. Couldn't believe the noise coming out of the thing, I had to stop and talk to the dude. He showed me the dyno and took me for a spin. The car can take off if you put it on the runway.

18th Mar 2003, 06:35

I got my brand new satria GTI a few days ago. The handling is superb. Anyway, SGTI is not that perfect in all aspects, but still the car is much better than Proton Waja (1.6 and 1.8).Satria GTI is still the best hothatch in Malaysia.

21st Jul 2003, 11:04

I have a Satria sport and I although I fancy buying a civic type R, I got a feeling the handling of the satria sport won't be beaten.

25th Nov 2003, 08:11

I bought a Satria GTi last Friday.

I test drove it the week before and the ride was excellent and it was still quick with the salesman in the front and my brother sitting in the back.

All I want to do with it is change the tail-pipes to 4" or 5" round outlets. Then move the number plate and smooth the boot off. Buy a nice Head unit with a screen and DVD And then get some 17" alloys.

It has been raining since I bought it, so I haven't been able to test it properly.

7th Apr 2004, 07:01

I bought a proton satria gti limited edition about nine months ago. I bought the car mainly because of its looks and the rareness of this model in Australia. I am extremely happy with he purchase of this car the only downfall would be the cost of maintaining it, which is a small price to pay when you turn heads almost everywhere you go.

14th Aug 2004, 11:13

I've just bought my Gti about a week ago and its GREAT! It's a V -reg with 59,000 on the clock, for £4475 from a local proton dealer. Being only 18yrs of age I found it difficult to get insured, but I'm so glad I paid that bit extra! I'm the envy of my mates, the Recaro interior and the bodykit as standard, I think contributed to this.

I was recently in a serious car accident so I haven, t really given it much stick, but I have had a little play,and I can tell you there's nothing in it against my mates Honda 1.6 CRX vtec. I was quite pleased to bet my mates Rover 220 coupe. Yes it could do with a bit more power in a straight line, but I don't want to loose reliability by upgrading the engine, as I've seen mates do it time after time, and it usually ends in problem after problem! I was thinking about fitting a sports exhaust and air filter just to let the engine breathe that little bit better.

Overall the car is "Fantastic" and for an 18yr old I don't think I can really complain at the fact I've got a 1.8 Gti! I would defiantly recommend this car to anyone young or old!!!

18th Oct 2004, 09:54

Hi mate!.

I got a second hand Gti, which I bought from a friend a year ago. My Gti, has gone into a massive modification. A superb performance with my EvoIII Satria Gti.

23rd Nov 2005, 13:25

Malaysia is the best.

5th Dec 2005, 04:55

I've owned the Satria GTI since Jan 2001. I've done extensive modifications like 4-1 stainless steel extractor, free flow exhaust system, K&N injection kit with heat shield, Sard adjustable fuel regulator, an oil catch tank, 60 mm throttle body, and Apexi iridium spark plugs. On the electronics I've added Apexi SAFC, Apexi ITC, Apexi RSM with G sensor, Apexi Timer and Apexi shift light. On the handling I've added front and rear strut bars and the rear lower arm bar. I still use the stock suspensions. I'd change the brakes to slotted crossed drill and AXT turbo brake pads. After all these modifications I felt that my Gti has more power for better pick-up and I can reached the 200 km/h faster than the stock Gti. On the handling side I've felt the bars make the Gti handle better than before. All these mods were done by Speedworks, a well knowned local tune shop in Malaysia.

9th May 2006, 19:39

A Satria GTi with "All looks, WILL go!".

260hp/194Kw at the wheels.


11th Sep 2006, 08:17

Hello there. I'm from Malaysia, and I've owned a GTi for about a year. I've had experiences with a number of GTis since it came out in 1999, since quite a large number of my friends have had one.

I just wanted to clarify after reading some comments on the forum.

First of all, there really is a difference in terms of year of make, as the two ECUs (Mitsubishi and Siemens/VDO based systems) offer a world of difference in performance. It's likely that if you had an experience in a 2003 model, you wouldn't see the point compared to a 99 model. And please realise for the price you pay, it's not in competition with a Civic Type-R, as that has a newer, more complex and higher revving engine, as well as being infinitely more expensive.

It's hard to quantify performance, because it really depends where you come from or what you have driven. Power wise it's relatively reasonable (remember previous generation Golf GTis only had about 130-ish horses and a heavy chassis), and while you might think I might be defending Proton on this, I am not. They are rubbish at making cars, and only know how to 'buy' technology from Mitsubishi. Granted, their newer efforts are their own, but they never cease to amaze me with their lack of innovation, performance or quality; but then again, you pay what you get for.

My whole point of this rant is, with a GTi you get a decent hot hatch package for your money. It's good fun to drive as it is (especially with the original Mitsu ECU), and even better when tuned. However don't mistake this as THE best hot hatch money can buy, and please stop comparing it to newer, pricier rivals. And please, stop comparing your souped up GTis with the opposition as well, because it's pointless. At the end of the day, it's just a reasonably priced Proton with a big engine.

So here's the thing, if you like the looks of the car, and want decent power for your money, the car's a good bet. If you want something that has mad power, forget your Type-Rs and engine transplants, and get yourself a Skyline or a Lancer Evolution (given that you like japanese makes).

Like my friend always said:

"a dog is a dog, it'll never be a cat.. And vice versa.."