15th Oct 2007, 07:55

I have to agree that the Satria GTI is the best car from Proton. It is definitely heads above shoulders compared to the other boring and uninspiring Proton models. It looks absolutely beautiful although I wonder why the 'kaki motor' here in Malaysia 'dress it up' with aftermarket 'appearance enhancing' bodykits and spoilers not to mention the gory paint jobs. It makes the car look ghastly.

I also have a Proton Satria.However, it is the standard model. The GTI model was on sale just months after I got my Satria: (

It's still a great car though.

2nd Aug 2008, 04:34

I am going to buy a gti very soon and after researching them have found out many owners say the original ECU is better in terms of power than the later model.

Can anyone tell me when they stopped using the mitsi one, I want a gti to be as new as poss but with the mitsi ECU.

Thanks guys.

18th Jan 2009, 18:04

Hi guys, yes apparently the old Misubishi ECU has better performance than the Siemens one.

I currently own a 2003 Satria GTi and wanted to replace the Siemens ECU with the Mitsubishi ECU. Does anyone know how to do this? Is it major work?

Also if I did this, would a Proton dealer still service my car?


3rd Feb 2009, 19:50

I just brought a Proton Satria 2000 model. Love it, but the stereo is not working, are they easy to change? I think it needs new stereo, but not sure how and if it is easy to do??

10th Feb 2009, 01:32

(Malaysia SGTi Owner) Hey... umm.. I own a Satria GTi since 1999 and currently clocked 200,000km on the mileage. It's still running on Mitsu's 4G93 DOHC but already been tweaked here and there by all-motor means and now doing 174.4whp.

What I like recommend about the SGTi?

1. Parts : Heritage from Mitsubishi Mirage makes it easy to match around parts from the Nippon for the SGTi. I mean, I managed to source a set of Cusco's suspension & handling equipment from a Mirage Cyborg ZR lying in a Japan junkyard. Since its Malaysian made and I'm staying in Malaysia, spare parts are relatively affordable than my father's 'Yota LS250.

2. Maintenance : It's convenient to maintain and like someone already commented, my SGTi is being maintained DIY by myself - except for electronics which I would send to the experts to do - like installing the standalone ecu, ignition controller and harnesses. Others, even changing the gearbox to the 4G92 LSD was done under my home's porch by me and my brothers (okay, we're bunch of petrolheads). Summarized - it's cheap & easy to maintain due to its nature of being more mechanical based engineering.

3. Driveability : Among most stock sedans and hatchbacks made by any manufacturers, the SGTi in stock handles quite well and behaves predictably, which is good actually as you get to forecast where it's going and how it'll behave. Even braking is good with the stock power.

4. Looks : yeah, I bought this car because it has the 'naughty, playful' looks, interior spaces and the interior furnishing by Recaro & MOMO is good. Sold the recaros over Sparco seats though... but I kept the MOMOs.

5. Fuel Efficiency : during its years of being stock, my SGTi did a wonderful 13km per litre. Then I got a bit envious over faster SGTi and did the engine... now it's doing a sad 6km per litre... damn! I only regret that though.


Things I despise about the SGTi (after purchase) :

1. I got grouchy with the plastic interiors that loosen up and echoing creaky sounds... : (

2. Gearbox : the gears and the synchro seems to inherit Mitsubishi's problem - deterioration due to friction. My GB synchro literally shattered during a track day out and that's why I changed to G92 LSD gearbox. After a while, I found out other SGTi owners experience various problem with the gearbox and the early symptom - 5th gear doesn't stay engaged while cruising. The synchro frees itself during drive.

3. Engine : not much but being the engine's tappet easily wear out due to friction and it gets quite noisy after 30-40,000km. That's all I can think of.

4. Popularity : in Malaysia, the SGTi is a hot item to steal and I have to be extra of extra careful where I park my car and the security. I did not mod the exteriors at all to avoid unwanted attention and even stripped all the SGTi kits and poses it as a normal satria now... which I think now has less attention to it because.. 9 years of using, the colour have faded and I myself even hated how it looks. At least I can be happy when I get into the car and get behind the wheels chasin after those vtec civics...

18th Apr 2009, 09:02

Hi there, I'm looking for some advice on how to mod my car. I don't wanna go too mental, ie exhaust, ECU chip, air filter etc.

I bought my GTi about two weeks ago, it's on a 2001 X reg with only 36000 on the clock!!! Bargain it was!! A real head turner due to its uniqueness in time. I want to have the body work in showroom condition, but for now the mechanicals are the priority.

I have just done a belt change and oil filter. Also some new sparks. It has a slight misfire, any ideas??? Please feel free to voice your ideas.

Do we have a UK Satria GTi owners club??? Cheers everyone, a happy GTi owner.

7th Jun 2012, 13:31

Hi, I have a Satria 1.5 LXi Sport. It has started to misfire. I have checked the HT leads, spark plugs, and coil pack, but no luck.

10th Jun 2012, 15:21

Guys (and ladies), can anyone here tell me just how much faster are the Mitsubishi ECU version GTi's than the Siemens ones?

I owned a 2004 GTi (Siemens ECU), and have to admit it only got moving at about 4750rpm, and even then I didn't think it was rapid. This still didn't stop me running out of talent round a sweeping right hander and rolling into a field LOL (I've learnt my lesson the hard way).

Anyway despite excessive insurance, frankly crap fuel economy, and the fact that there are ultimately better hot hatches around, I'm seriously considering buying another one, as I miss it so much :( But I'll be looking for a Pre 2002 model, if indeed they are that much better.

Any feedback appreciated.