30th Sep 2008, 08:42

To change from 14 to 15 inch rim, use tire 195/45 R15 Yokohama only. Available in Tire shop in Sunway. It will cost at least RM400 each because of fully imported from Japan. This tire size are meant for K-Car segment.

Do not use 50 Series as it will cause turning problem.

If you intend to stick with 14 inch rim, use 185/60 R14.

I suggest any tire use performance tire. Double A rating.

16th Feb 2010, 02:35

Whoa hohoho! I feel confident to have this car in a few more days after reading comments here. Mostly are good ones. Currently in Penang and looking for this car at low price because I will be a future student in the local university. For what I can see, the Savvy 2005 is the cheapest car among latest years, and I'm worried if this elder version will make me trouble in the future? Should I get the latest one? Thanks.

24th Feb 2010, 10:49

Believe me, 2005 AMT will get you trouble. Don't buy it, I bought an AMT Nov 2005 rm45888, now just can sell rm14000. I lost rm31888 in just 4 years and 3 months. Cause I want to sell it.

1. Jerking

2. Some part of gearbox problems (changed it needed +-rm7000) I have changed it 2 years before

3. High repair cost (just repair rm500++ for sensor and plug) (change ecu rm1400)

I have lost all my saving in 2 years, and now need to change another car. I hate this car.

Proton Savvy is not saving. Is "Proton Rugi "

23rd Mar 2010, 02:38

Can 17" rims fit onto a Savvy??

13th Aug 2010, 08:48

My Savvy's engine sometimes dies, usually during slowing down at traffic lights or caught in traffic congestion. Anyone know the symptom/causes? Please advise.. Thanks.

8th May 2011, 13:24

I am planning on buying a Proton Savvy 2011 1.2 AMT. The car salesman told me to try 16 inch wheels and 50 series tires. I just read your comment and you advise staying away from 50 series tires. Please explain why. Thanks.

7th Dec 2011, 01:38

I bought a Savvy AMT in March 2010.. After 1 year, it started jerking.. Sent to Proton Service and they changed the ignition coil @ +-Rm499.. They put this under a warranty claim, but still I had to pay for other costs, totaling RM200.. Only after 1 month, the same problem repeated.. it's true this car is very savvy in terms of fuel consumption.. but the problems it gave me, make me feel fed up and wanting to give up.. It's better to go for the new Saga FL..

22nd Feb 2012, 09:12

I have loved my 2006 Proton Savvy from the first day.

Last week Feb 2012, we had a week of 40C + every day.

The TDC sensor was at fault, according to my Proton service centre, because the engine light came on late one day after a run home of about 25KM. $933 Aussie dollars later, I drove home.

Next week of careful driving using the aircon and N at the traffic lights, the auto trans light came on.

Later the speedo dropped to zero in traffic while doing 60Kph. It came back on after one minute.

Then at another traffic light, it lit up the Auto light and changed back to N (neutral). Apparently this is a common fault for many Savvys.

Now I have to figure out what is the problem; maybe the electric pump has debris in it, or the graphite brushes need renewing?

Say a little prayer for me.

1st Apr 2012, 04:12

Can you put 17 inch wheels and tires on the 2006 Proton Savvy?

4th Apr 2012, 08:40

I've also got the same problem! Where can I fix this problem?

2nd Sep 2012, 06:19

I've had a Savvy for 4 years. No problems until now.

The central locking does not work. Only 1 key will start my car. Has anyone had that problem, and do you know how to get it fixed?

30th Apr 2013, 12:34

I have the same problem too. Until now they can't fix it well. I spent a lot of money already on this Proton Savvy. Really regret buying this type of car. I want to sell it, but it has no value. Don't buy this type of car.