2006 Proton Savvy AMT- R3 1.2 from Malaysia


Excellent small car


No major problem.

AMT gearbox signal blink (odometer reading 250km). Sent for 1st 1000km free service. Proton has rectified by erasing the error code. Now no problem at all.

General Comments:

This car is equipped with an R3 Zero Body Kit. Looks much better. Spacious cabin. Good handling. Sensitive steering. Comfortable seats for me.

A Renault Clio, Twingo engine suits the 950kg+/- Savvy Body. Drive by wire gives better response. The engine is eager to rev up to 5000rpm.

When I started to buy this car, the sales man gave me a full explanation about the car. Assisted me from the moment I booked the car until now. Good after sales service. Until he made an appointment for me for the 1st service. Technical staff explained to me about any technical things, and how to take care of it

Heard about the all new 3 door Satria model, but now the 5 door is my choice for a small family. Save petrol for city driving.

Well done Proton. Hope it is a turning point for Proton.

I buy Proton because of the chassis, well known Renault Clio, Twingo engine, TUV approved, and the power to weight ratio is good enough for a small car.

(Comment from: Old Timer car enthusiast and former racer at Batu Tiga Racing Circuit).

PS: Heard the standard Savvy 1.2MT beats a fully modified Perodua Myvi with roll cage in the 1.3 category.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2006

4th Jun 2006, 19:55

Overseas specs has 2 airbags, ABS and back up braking system.

Agree, with the reasonable price, the feeling of cheap interior plastic quality should be overcome easily.Anyway, to make it look good, install full interior leather will do some tricks.

30th Jul 2006, 21:54

Does the AMT justify the extra money spent over the manual?

2005 Proton Savvy 1.2 from Malaysia


Economical car


Not at the moment. Still new. Awaiting other comments about this car.

General Comments:

Semi Automatic transmission is really fun for this car.

TUV approved. Savvy is the only Malaysian car with this approval.

Lotus handling.

R3 concept is really nice. With engine power up to 100bhp for a 1.2 litre small car.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2005

16th Feb 2006, 00:24

For a small car, it has good ride and handling, soak all bumps. Love it.

29th Mar 2006, 22:55

Savvy is scrutinized by TUV to maintained it's quality. Savvy will be my last model to buy if Proton cars still giving problems.

Paddle shift should be more fun apart from gear stick.R3 body-kit with performance part makes Savvy a hot hatch. Rear muffler up 4hp.