2005 Proton Savvy 1.2 from Malaysia


It is an affordable and suitable compact for youngsters


I like to drive fast, no matter what kind of car I drive. When I pushed the Savvy to the limit (175km/h), something started leaking. Turns out, it was the power steering pump. When I brought it to a workshop for a service, the mechanic told me it was not a big problem. He said I can push the car to the limit, but small cars need a rest.

The awesome handling eats the front tires.

Every time I drive the Savvy in a traffic jam for an hour or more, the temperature meter tends to increase more than usual, every time I travel very slowly in 1st gear.

General Comments:

Amazing handling.

Good speakers.

An R3 body kit makes it look even better.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2012

2009 Proton Savvy AMT from Malaysia


Not reliable at all (especially the AMT batch)


The Savvy's AMT is still a big problem up to this moment. Brand new car, yet the roughness and a loud THUD!/THUMP whenever the gear is automatically shifted up and down is noticeably heard, although I'm already using the appropriate oil for the AMT : Elf Renaultmatic D3 Syn.

General Comments:

I believe Proton should SERIOUSLY recall the Savvy AMT batch. Though I know that AMT stands for Automated Manual Transmission, hence it's a manual transmission equipped with robotic arm to engage & disengage the clutch, thus gear shifting should be heard like any typical manual cars do. BUT NOT AS LOUD AS THIS CAR! For every time it happens, it give me the shiver that I feel the transmission parts about to fall off or break apart.

Trust me, it is far away from being a "reliable car", since at the end of the day, we cannot "rely" on it.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2011

16th Aug 2011, 06:31

I would like to know: My Savvy Sport 1.2 AMG - Gearbox Automatic Transmission:

My car went for its 30000km service two weeks ago. Problems: Reverse gear and also D gear - during slopes and traffic jams. The car tends to roll back - When putting it in drive, the car doesn't move, then you give a little petrol and the car sudden jerk with power, causing it to overshoot. It is a major problem in traffic. When putting in reverse gear, it doesn't automatically go into drive gear, you have to put it back into neutral gear before overswitch to Drive. Is this normal, because the service manager told me it is the way the gearbox works?

9th Jan 2013, 04:39

1. Make sure the oil is replaced in the gearbox with the RIGHT oil.

2. Make sure the selector, which lays in oil as such, has clean oil as well. It can be adjusted for clutch wear distance etc...

3. The car has no "creep" or assisted hill start, so apply the handbrake, and as you push the accelerator, take off the brake and the car will move away fine.

4. Learn to use the man and auto options, as this should enhance your driving pleasure.

5. AMT will often sound loud in changes from time to time, but as long as it's serviced and treated right, it should do many miles. Mine has done 100000kms.

6. Make sure the car is not moving before selecting D or R, and put your foot on the brake when doing so. Do not touch the accelerator pedal as this may damage the gearbox!

You need to learn how to drive these cars, as it is not an automatic system; in reality it's a manual box to save weight.

Happy driving!

26th Jul 2013, 23:15

Hi all,

Just to add a few things:

The Proton Savvy is using 75W80 ELF Tranself Gearbox Oil. It uses 3.4L out of the 4 1L bottles.

2006 Proton Savvy 1.2 from Australia and New Zealand


For the price and handling, I can put up with the noise and niggles


Engine management computer doesn't recognise both ignition keys; had it reset twice, but I'll just live with that.

Slave cylinder on rear brakes locked up, causing one rear brakeshoe to wear into the brake drum, warranty replacement of both rear brake drums, cylinders and shoes, very happy with the service.

Fuel cap works its way loose, emitting fumes. Had it replaced, but still leaks, very annoying.

Rear wheel spindles and bearing replaced after a recall.

Occasionally engine won't start, lock and unlock doors with ignition key, then it starts fine. I think the computer gets a glitch in it sometimes.

Tyres are expensive.

General Comments:

I like the car and would buy another one.

Engine has enough power when driven right.

Gearbox and clutch are good.

Love the cornering and handling, pump the tyres up hard and it gets noisy, but handles great.

Well equipped for the price.

I'm 188cm (6' 2"); headroom and legroom are fine.

Don't overload the car with lots of big heavy people, it's only rated to carry 350kg, so you may damage your suspension or wheel bearings.

If you are thinking of modding the engine for more power, bear in mind that the transaxles (CV joints) are only designed to cope with standard power, and are expensive to replace.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2010