28th Aug 2006, 23:01

The Savvy uses a Renault engine and gearbox, which is also the heart of the Renault Clio. Which means to my knowledge, it shares the same gearbox as the legendary Renault 5 GT Turbo found in the Clio.

After reading from many Renault owners' reviews, there don't seem to be any common faults with this unit.

Savvy is actually using a manual gearbox, then an AMT component system was added on to the gearbox. Manual book says, replace AMT hydraulic oil at every 100,000km (average 62,000 miles). Use the genuine hydraulic oil.

Since it is the first AMT introduced by Proton, don't expect it to to be as smooth as the SMG version II BMW used or Selespeed Alfa. Even the SMG version I was found to be jerky and rough (due to no torque converter).

AMT tends to be slightly rough and jerky. But when my wife drives the car, it does not jerk.. ha..ha..ha.

Thus, it does not cost more to maintain it.

28th Aug 2006, 23:27

The Savvy uses a complete Renault Clio engine D4F 1.2 16v, which knocks out a respectable 75bhp, and if you don't imitate so called boy racer's driving style, the Savvy will return a wallet-friendly impressive mpg.

With AMT, the gear stick may not have a wiring linkage. It linked to the sensor and triggers signals to the EMS.

The Savvy comes with Drive By Wire system. Meaning the engine and transmission are fully controlled by EMS.

Some French motor magazines in 2006 (related to D4F 1.2 16v engine) did mention that it is the perfect introduction to the modified car world with loads of potential for modification.

Gearbox may be rough during auto-interchange gears, especially when stopped at the traffic lights. But if you press the brake slightly harder, you will find no rough sound at all.

It is a manual gearbox with bolt on AMT system. No torque converter means you need to get used to using gears on hilly roads.

I have already owned one, and have gotten used to it.

29th Aug 2006, 01:25

Test drove the car twice, excellent ride and handling for a small car. This is good for short and long journeys. Well done Proton.

28th Sep 2006, 10:55


I have just bought a new 2006 Proton Savvy. It's Black with tinted windows and body kit. I stole the one out of the show room which was suppose to be taken to a motor show. oh well bugger them.

I was Wondering if anyone knows where to buy a bolt on turbo kit for the D4F 1.2 Litre Renault Engine in it?

That's the only thing missing! Otherwise it's a great little car. Also does anyone know if the factory would fit a turbo as to not void my new car warranty?

Cheers, :)

8th Oct 2006, 21:45

Bolt on turbo will cause you a bomb.However, if you could find a magazine called,"French Modified Motor" you may have some solutions. This magazine did featured Citroen AX (Proton Tiara) with bolt on turbo and everything.

Savvy chassis has been design using Lotus technologies. Lotus always emphasis weight and stability (I read a lot...).That's why Lotus is so famous for it's chassis and road handling.

So, I believe bolt on turbo will not really affect handling compared to engine conversion. OR find a suitable 1.3 or 1.5 turbo engine conversion that almost matches the weight of Savvy engine.

My experience with Satria 2.0Turbo VR4,BMW 7 series with Toyota Aristo 2JZS VVTI-L Twin Turbo engine and Proton Perdana with Eterna Engine in 9 years time range really challenged me. There I learned chassis is very important apart from others.

Wish you luck.

8th Oct 2006, 21:57

For those who want to modified this car using Savvy's engine, here are some suggestions:

1) Any modification should less weight compared to Original factory parts. This will enhanced power to weight ratio.

2) Sports Extractor, Mid-Pipe and Rear Muffler.

3) Super chips for EMS.(saw in some magazine).

4) Suitable Air filter with cold air intake.

5) Suitable spark plug. If use original plug it may shorten it's life span.

6) No wiring modification.

I think it is good enough for pick-up purpose.

15th Oct 2006, 21:27

I don't like rear light position, but the front light nice.

30th Oct 2006, 18:18

I just bought a new savvy with metalic blue. i haven drive it, but I also have confident on its engine. but I didn't choose the packet for R3 as the sales promise to discount 3k for me.

So may I know where can I get cheaper R3 body kit?

12th Nov 2006, 18:47

R3 bodykit is light and the material used and the quality equal to Lotus Car.

To get a cheaper bodykit maybe you can search in Sunway. I even saw bodykits in different designs on the road. Make sure the weight is light.

I love the car.

17th Nov 2006, 01:49

I bought Savvy AMT 1.2L car early Jan 2006. Since then, the car has given me tremendous headache. I had a wheel bearing changed after 1 month driving on the road. Then, the car chocked when during pick up and also slowing down. My car was sent to the workshop, but after a while the chocking problem came back. I also had my window gear changed. I can still bear with the minor problem cause it's all under warranty, but how can I resolve the chocking problem???

20th Nov 2006, 02:18

Just bought and got my Proton Savvy last Friday (17 Nov 2006). One day later, after 90km drive, my Savvy starts to give me problem. The transmission changed by itself and stood at gear 3. I am unable to change it back to Auto transmission and neither to increase nor decrease the gear. Hence, need to stop the car as the electronic fault warning lights turn on. Re-start the engine and sent the car to Proton’s Centre of Excellence that night and they erase the error code. It turned out to be okay, but, on the way back to my home (after few kilometres) the car starts to have the same problem. Now currently it is back at Proton’s Workshop. Does anyone else have this same problem?

20th Nov 2006, 19:48

Here are some advise to overcome this minor problem:

AMT TRANSMISSION CHANGE MODE AUTOMATICALLY: It happened to me at initial stage just before 1000km.The gearbox signal blink. Then I realised it is only happen during heavy traffic jam or long awaited traffic light. This can be prevented as per manual book. It stated that not to hold engaged gear too long when stopping the car.

Solutions: a) Shift gear to 'N' mode. b) Drive the car front and back few times (as per manual book). c) Then send it to Proton to rectified.

Technical matters: It is not the transmission problem, but the faulty sensor reading at the gearstick. Infact the gearstick itself has no wiring. Only sensor.

I have sent to proton twice and now I am happy as this minor problem no longer appear.

21st Nov 2006, 00:16

My current mileage now is 51000km and it was never give me any major problems. Just a minor problems such as the coolant pipe was leaking & I can't open my rear boot. I'd already send it to the service centre & the problems has been solved. For your information, my savvy give me a lot of savings in terms of fuel consumptions. I fill up the fuel for about 36litre @ RM69.++ & drive my car with an average speed of 90km/h. Do you know how many kilometres I can go with it? I got 750km++ that means it cost me for about 0.09cents/km. I'm also sometimes rev up my car and until now, I'm still can't believed that it can go for 193++km/h without any problems. This car was still steady @ balance when we drive it very fast (it may take a long time to reach it, but 0-170km/h = very easy to achieve).I'm really in love with my car. That's my savvy.